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Whoomp There It Is! Meet The Jopen Comet G II (& Your G-Spot)

Although I’m fortunate enough to get to try a lot of cool sex toys thanks to the fabulous companies I work with, there are a few sex toys that are still on my “sex toy bucket list” – the Jopen Comet G II is one of them. Others include the Fun Factory Stronic Eins, the Njoy Fun Wand and the Infinit Massager by NS Novelties. So when the team at Jopen offered to help me cross off one of my sex toy bucket list items and send me by very own Jopen Comet G II, I was super excited!

The Jopen Comet G II is an update on the Comet G 1 – which I had also been lusting after for quite some time. Both are gorgeous toys (the original is made of silicone coated glass, the II is made of clear  glass-like plastic that’s been coated in silicone) and I’ve only heard good things about them – the Comet wands have a reputation for being absolutely awesome at stimulating the G-spot. Whereas the first version was strictly a dildo (without vibrations), the updated version includes a vibrator that you can either leave on or off during use.

Here are the specs: The Jopen Comet G II is a silicone, body safe, phthalate free g-Spot toy that measures approximately 7.5 inches long, with 5.5 inches of that actually insertable. It has a chic, glass-like handle and a curved shape designed to reach your g-spot. The shaft starts off narrow, gradually growing wider and ending with a bulbous head that’s approximately 6 inches in circumference. It features 7 different vibration patterns and is fully rechargeable by USB. It’s also waterproof so you can use it in the bath, shower or wherever else you decide to get it on!

The toy feels soft, velvety and has a substantial weight to it thanks to the handle which really makes you feel like you’re holding a product that’s luxurious and reminiscent of a beautiful sculpture.

I really love the thickness of the head, however some people may find the head of this toy a bit large, which is why I would suggest that you use lube with this toy.

One word to describe the Jopen Comet G II:


I don’t know what exactly it is with this toy (but I’m guessing it’s the pronounced curve & bulbous head), but the first time I inserted it I was like…

“Whoop! There it is. Hello lovely G-Spot.”

This thing has the innate ability to locate your g-spot & nuzzle it in just the right way. The result is a pretty intense experience that may or may not make you sing hits by the likes of Tag Team while you use it. For the young-ins out there, this is what I’m talking about.


Yep, this toy will make your vagina sing shakalaka shakalaka whoop! (Ahh, the 90’s. I kind of miss you.) Seriously though, if you’re looking for some intense g-spot orgasms, or maybe just want to locate & experiment with stimulating your g-spot, the Comet G II will do the trick.


There are a couple of ways you can use this toy:

1) Move it in and out using a “scooping” motion like what’s suggested in the photo above. You can either turn on the vibrations by pushing the silver “key” logo, or leave them off & just enjoy the natural motion and friction of the toy.

2) You can insert in, turn on the vibrations and hold the toy in place while it caresses your g-spot.

3) You can do any of the above alone or with a partner 🙂

Although I found both option 1 and 2, made me very hot and bothered – the vibrations alone weren’t enough to make me fully lose control. So, I opted to hold the toy in place while I used my precious we-vibe tango on my clit. The result: crazy, out of control, fireworks. It was intense. Leg-shaking, I feel kind of lightheaded, intense.

To give you an idea of scale, here is the Comet G II next to one of my other g-spot toys, the Lelo Ella.

 I really love the Comet G II and know this is a toy that I’ll keep coming back to (no pun intended) again and again. As I mentioned above, it’s great for exploring and stimulating the (at times) elusive g-spot. With that said, because of how curved this toy is and the relative girth of the head, I would steer absolute beginners away from this one, as they might feel a bit overwhelmed. Instead I’d suggest something more along the lines of the Ella which is great for g-spot stimulation but easier to manage if you don’t have much toy experience.

In conclusion, I give the Comet G II a enthusiastic two Skinny Dip thumbs up. As you can see, Joe the Intern‘s “thumbs up” is still a work in progress.

Two Thumbs Up
 If you’d like to grab a Comet G II for yourself, it’s available at Sex Toys Canada for $97.95 (+ 21% off if you use the code FIFTY at checkout) which, if you ask me is worth every penny.

Thanks again to the cool people at Jopen for facilitating this review. I received this toy free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for g-spot toys that they’ve tried? 

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