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…or in my case, doesn’t happen any more!

Now that I don’t live in my Toronto apartment, it no longer feels creepy to show you guys some photos of my bedroom.

After the break-up in the fall, I moved into my friend Lindsay’s little purple spare bedroom. During a time when everything felt topsy turvy, I got blessed with the best roomie a girl could ask for (Lindsay!) and this cute little space to call my own. I never thought I’d enjoy having purple walls but they grew on me, as did the space. I’m kind of an interior design nut so I was really looking forward to decorating the space and making it my own. I bought a storage bed that I loved, a new mattress & duvet set, throw pillows and the softest 400 thread count sheets I could find. My little room was well on it’s way to becoming the perfect little oasis for a single girl in the city.

But, as the theme is with my life these days, things don’t always go as planned. I went to BC for what I thought would be a few weeks but instead decided to give up my apartment in Toronto and stay here longer. While I was in Toronto a few weeks ago I had so much fun staying at my apartment and hanging out with my room-mate (who really is the best room-mate ever) however, it was also bittersweet. I had big plans for that little room & the life I’d live there. Even though I’m onto new adventures, it was still a bit sad saying goodbye.

I seem to have this pattern in my life: I move into an apartment, I get obsessed with decorating it but only finish 80-90% of it before something happens and I have to move out. Very rarely do I ever feel like my space is “finished”. However, instead of dwelling on my shortcomings as an amateur interior decorator, I thought it would be fun to share some photos of my bedroom and some of the things I was planning on adding to it.

{The Bed}

 For my bed I chose the OPPDAL storage bed from Ikea  with drawers underneath to maximize storage space. Moving from a large 2 bedroom apartment into a room that was barely large enough for a dresser, made getting a storage bed a necessity. I’m a huge fan of storage beds! They’re great for small spaces and I love that it means I don’t have to vacuum under the bed!

I bought the matching headboard however, didn’t have time to assemble it before I left for Christmas. I love that it has extra storage space.

Perfect for holding all my bedside reading material & favorite magazines!

{Colorful shelves}

I adore colorful bookshelves. Even though my space was small (as you can tell by the distance from the bed to the bookshelf!) I needed shelving. I’m both sentimental and a bookworm. I feel best when I’m surrounded by my favorite momentos and books….the more colorful the better!

{Close-ups of some of my favorite things}

my bedroom.how to style expedit bookcase.

Jonathan Adler Pottery, Vintage Snoopy (my grandpa got him in the 1950’s and it got passed down to me when he passed away) & a book on Dim Sum.

{Art work and small details}

(via Made by Girl)

As you can see  by the first photo, the wall space above the bed looks extremely naked. I was planning on having a head board and putting some artwork. I’m totally obsessed with the blog Made by Girl and the author Jen Ramos‘ prints. I’ve had my eye on her Love print for some time and though it would look nice over the bed.

{Other contenders for art-work}

for like ever poster.diane von furstenberg.  

and this one for obvious reasons…

(also via Made by Girl)

{Bedside romance}

Bright pink flowers! They add a little bit of romance and color to the bedside table. These are a must for my next place!
{Luxe & Cozy}

 When I still thought I’d be staying at that apartment, I bought this cozy faux fur throw for the bed. I imagined it would be perfect for cuddling on a cold winter night. Although it never made it to Toronto, I have enjoyed snuggling up in it solo while I watch TV. It’s super soft and feels very luxurious!

{The Vision}

(via Made by Girl)

If I’d ended up staying in my apartment, the idea was to eventually lighten up the walls and create an intimate space like the one above that was cozy and feminine with just enough quirky edge.

Although I’m a bit sad I never got to fully decorate my space, the upside is that I now have tons of ideas (all documented on Pintrest!) for when me & all my shoes eventually do find a permanent home.


{The favorites L-R: Nine West, Franco Sarto, Aldo, Ralph Lauren, Aerosoles, Pegabo, Ferragamo}

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What kind of bedroom decor are you into? Any tips for decorating in a small space?


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