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When Palm Trees Give Birth to Sex Toys

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you may have noticed that the majority of the sex toys I review are either purple or pink in hue. That’s no coincidence – I remember reading somewhere recently that sex toy companies tend to favour those colours because they are the ones that (apparently) sell best. I also have reviewed a lot of rabbit vibrators and small clitoral vibrators. When I come across something that’s really different than anything I’ve tried before, my interest is immediately piqued. That was definitely the case when I saw the Jopen Lust collection for the first time.

What immediately caught my attention about the  Jopen Lust was the toys all have a super sleek, organically shaped look to them…and they come in fresh, leafy green (as well as the standard pink and purple)! Yes, green! The toy that grabbed my curiosity right away was the leaf-like Jopen Lust L6.  For those of you who don’t know, Jopen is the luxury sister brand of California Exotics and since they’re super cool, they offered to send me my very own Jopen Lust L6 to try and review.

The Jopen Lust L6 is a luxury vibrator made of 100% silky smooth, hypoallergenic, body safe silicone. It has 10 different speeds and patterns of vibration, pulsation and escalation. It’s also 100% waterproof and rechargeable by USB (which means, no batteries required.) I should also mention that this velvety soft toy virtually seamless and feels absolutely amazing in your hand. Oh, and it’s pretty. I love pretty toys.

The structure of this toy is different than anything I’ve ever seen before. It kind of reminds me of a cartoon palm tree meets a tulip. The Lust L6 is approximately 8″ overall and features a 2″ insertable stimulator that’s incased in vibrating, fluttering “petals” or “leaves” that are 3.5″ long.

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The first thing people ask when they see this toy is “How exactly do you use it?!” Well, that’s a very good question. When I first received this toy, I just assumed that you used it similar to a rabbit vibrator: you inserted the middle part and let the leaves stimulate either side of your clitoris. However, after playing with this toy for awhile I realized it’s actually much more versatile and nuanced than I expected. 

Because it’s hard for me to describe through photographs the various ways you can use this toy, I thought I’d share with you this really great video where Jaiya walks us through the different ways you can play with the Lust L6.

I found this video really interesting because she managed to come up with some ways to use this toy that didn’t even cross my mind! To re-cap, here’s a few different ways you can play with the L6 –

1. For teasing and tickling – I found that this is where the Lust L6 really excelled. This toy is really awesome when you use the  fronds to tease and stimulate your clitoris like Jaiya explains in the video. Use it as a solo “warm up” to more play, or with a partner to totally kick your foreplay up a notch. For a more intense feeling I would also recommend applying the stimulator directly to your clit while allowing the petals to tease and tickle either side of your labia. Think of this like a high-tech, robot version of a feather tickler, ready to work you (and a partner!) into a steamy, foreplay frenzy.

2. As an alternative to a rabbit vibrator – This is what Jaiya is talking about when she says you can use it to “engulf your pelvic floor.” Originally I thought that this was how I’d prefer to use this toy but I was wrong. Although Jopen claims that the stimulator in the middle is curved for G-Spot stimulation, inserting it did absolutely nothing for me. It’s only 2 inches long which means it doesn’t reach anywhere near my g-spot (or anywhere really. 2″ isn’t much to work with!) Although the top petal reached my clit, the bottom petal just felt awkward like there was a giant silicone leaf wedged between my ass cheeks – which, essentially was exactly what was happening. This method was a complete FAIL for me.

3. “In and Out” – It totally didn’t cross my mind to use the toy this way but I like the way Jaiya thinks…that is, until she used the expression “Nether Regions” and I experienced a full body shudder.

4. “Backdoor Explore” – This is another one that I didn’t even think of. Although anal play generally isn’t my jam, if you’re looking to explore some backdoor action, I imagine this toy would be a good bet. At 2″ long, the stimulator is small, non-intimidating and easy to insert with the help of lube. Plus, you get the extra stimulation from the petals, which adds an extra element to your play.

Even the Interns found another use for the L6.

leaf 1
To sum up, if you’re looking for a rabbit style vibrator that grants you intense orgasm, after orgasm this is probably not the toy for you. However, if you want to experiment with a bunch of different sensations (tickling! teasing! backdoor action!) the Jopen Lust L6 a gorgeous and versatile option; and definitely a fun one if you really want to experiment with new things during foreplay. 

If you’d like to grab your own Jopen Lust L6, it’s available at Sex Toys Canada. Enter the code SUMMER at the checkout, you get 21% off site-wide (woo hoo!)

I received this toy free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product. All opinions are my own because that is how I roll.

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