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We Tried It | The Unbound Delta Box

Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to review a wide range of adult subscription boxes with varying results. From the less-than-awesome Spicy Subscriptions (with their orange, leaky bottle of…something?) to the lovely and elegant Fantasy Box (which I loved), I’ve seen it all – or so I thought. Throughout all of this trial and error, I still haven’t found anything that 100% suits my aesthetic taste (hip, urban, design-y.) And while the Fantasy Box is stunning, it’s very much geared towards couples. Enter Unbound – the sexy subscription box I didn’t even know I needed.

Unbound is a sexual lifestyle company for millennial women Owned and operated by a group of New York City women, their mission  “is to empower badass babes in their sexuality by providing a sophisticated platform where they can buy sex toys and lingerie – and not feel ashamed about it.”  All I can say is YES. YES. YES.  So, I feel pretty lucky that the lovely folks over at Unbound sent me my very own box to review.

Unbound Subscription Box

Every four months Unbound releases a new themed subscription box that you can purchase at a discount price. Last quarter, I was sent the Delta Box to enjoy. The Delta Box is designed to indulge and titillate three relatively small but incredibly sensitive parts of you: the nipples and clitoris. Or, as they like to call it, “the golden triangle.”

Unbound Subscription Box

My box arrived beautifully wrapped in their signature ribbon with a handwritten card attached. Here’s what I found inside.

Exsens – Fresh Ginger Litchi Cooling Stimulation Gel

Exsens – Fresh Ginger Litchi Cooling Stimulation Gel

I don’t generally use arousal gel, but the Ginger Litchi Cooling Stimulation Gel intrigues me – partly because of it’s packaging and the fact that it’s imported from France. I love how it looks like something you might find at a European drugstore. I haven’t tried it yet, but to use it you apply a small(!) dollop to your finger and gently rub on your nipples or clitoris for a near-immediate, intense, cooling sensation that “heightens arousal and deeply focuses you in on your body.” Sure, count me in.

Unbound Delta Box

Bijoux Indiscrets – Silver Mimi Pasties

Bullseye! Yes, those are bejewelled nipple covers by Bijoux Indiscrets. As the people at Unbound explain,  “turn your body into art with these gorgeous silver rhinestone pasties from Bijoux Indiscrets.  Featuring a playful sunburst design, these self-adhesive ornaments radiate around the nipple, leaving it exposed for further play while not being so raised above the skin as to be excessively noticeable under clothing or lingerie (if you want to save the surprise).” I’ll admit, I’ve never made pasties part of my boudoir repertoire, but I’m willing to try. After all, subscription boxes are all about trying new things, right?

Unbound Body Chain

The Unbound Body Chain was a surprise favourite for me. I’ve been craving a sexy body chain to wear under lower cut stuff and sheer shirts. Unbound totally delivered. It’s hard to tell from photographs, but this body chain is gorgeous and has a discreet closure that features the Unbound “U.” I can’t wait to wear this inside or outside the bedroom.

Jimmyjane Intro 2

Jimmyjane Intro 2 Vibe

And now for the piece de resistance! The Jimmyjane Intro 2 Vibe. If this vibrator looks familiar it’s because it’s very, very similar to one of my favourite clitoral vibrators, The Jimmyjane Form 2. Featuring a powerful motor in each of its two soft silicone ears, the Intro 2 can be pinched together lightly or snugly around your clit (or nipples) for a delicious sensation.

From my experience, the vibrators that usually come in sexy subscription boxes aren’t…well, very good. They’re usually cheap, battery operated and very weak. So, I was super excited when I noticed Jimmyjane – one of my favourite premium brands. This is probably one of the best battery operated toys I’ve tried in a while. It’s super powerful and has much of the same feeling of the higher end version. Well done!

unbound subscription box

A Bag for it all

Each Unbound box comes with a chic, printed cotton bag so that you can easily stash your goodies after your play session or for travel. I love that this quarter’s box includes a quote by Mae West.

That ribbon though

If you’re in the mood to get creative, the Unbound ribbon that’s used as wrapping on the box doubles as some nifty hand ties/restraints. Just saying.

Overall, I loved, loved, my Unbound experience. I absolutely adore the branding (it’s chic, modern and has a sense of humour – just check out their collections page) and love how inclusive the product selection is. Whether you’re part of a couple or a single woman who enjoys exploring her sexuality (or somewhere in between) Unbound offers something for everyone. You can order items individually or buy them as part of a themed box. Check out some of the other really fun boxes they have to choose from.

Some of my favourites include The Pregnancy Box (such a fun gift!), The Rebound Box (which features a one month subscription to my beloved Erika Lust CONFESSIONS), The Pheromones Box (which features one of my favourite product lines, Crazy Girl), the Girls Night Out Box (OMG) and of course, my personal favourite….

ballot box hillary clinton

The Ballot Box

Yes, that’s a Donald Trump merkin. And HRC buttons. And a “whip the country into shape” whip wrist cuff. You can read about the inspiration behind the Ballot Box here, but let’s just say these are women after my own heart.

election theme subscription box hillary buttons

Choose any box and get 30% off with the code SKINNYDIP30

Yep, that’s right. If you’d like to pick up anything from the Unbound store, use the code SKINNYDIP30 and get 30% off your purchase (!!!)

Thank you to Unbound for providing me with the products for this review free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. All views are my own because that’s how I roll.


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