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Vintage, Palm Trees, Coffee & Martinis – My Life in Snapshots.

After doing a lot of writing and turning in a bunch of projects last week, I’m now having a bit of writers block. So, I’ve decided to let the pictures do the talking today. I know I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve become completely obsessed with using Instagram. This has never been a “dear diary” kind of blog (because if I blogged about what I actually do everyday you guys would be bored to tears.) However, the exhibitionist within sometimes gets the urge to share more than just stories about dating, sex toys or my interactions with the “locals”. I love Instagram because it allows me to share these day-to-day moments and thanks to nifty filters, makes them (and me) look way cooler than they actually are.

I now present to you…



1. Bust Magazine – the only print magazine I still buy religiously every month.

2. Pink Petals – Spring is really beautiful here.

3. Daily Essentials – silver chain bracelet, Marc by Marc Jacobs locket (purchased with casino winnings in Vegas), vintage red enamel bracelet, Tryst “Virgo” necklace, my Burt’s Bee’s Lip balm & some more arm candy. Is anyone else completely obsessed with bracelets lately? There seems to be so many cute ones this season.

4. Palm Tree! – I bet some of you didn’t realize that you can grow palm trees on the West Coast of Canada. Here’s the proof! This is my neighbor’s tree that I walk by almost every day.

5. New Black Platforms – during one of my “Senior Day” excursions to Value Village, I found these espadrille wedges for $8. It doesn’t look like they were ever worn. I love them.

6. A good book & some coffee (my Sunday morning ritual) – The book is Caramba! by Nina Marie Martinez. I shallowly bought this book just because I loved the cover art, however it’s actually turning out to be a pretty good read. I’m only 1/3 of the way through and there has already been a scene that involves a high-speed chase between the police and a taco truck. In other words, it’s the perfect book for me.

7. Turquoise VW Van – Spotted while out for a walk around the neighborhood last week. If I owned this van I would totally take it for a road trip down the California coast.

8. Consignment Store Deals – Every season, I make it a habit to sell off pieces of my wardrobe that I no longer wear. I had a bunch of summer stuff kicking around which I finally dropped off at my local consignment store. I traded in a pile of clothes I no longer wore for store credit that was enough to buy this Dolce & Gabbana blazer and a new pair of J-Brand jeans. Now, that’s what I call a good deal!

9. Early Father’s Day Dinner with my Dad– My Dad and I went for Sushi at Azuma and I had this delicious martini. It had a blend of peach, guava and lychee – so tasty & totally Instagram worthy.

10. Animal Print Madness – My Michael Kors Zebra Print shoes (another lucky thrifting find). I love these shoes but I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. I’m going to see Janelle Monae next week (!!!!!) and I think these will work perfectly.

11. More palm tree porn – This looks like it should be in California, but it’s not – it’s in Canada!

12. One of many painted vans in this city – Also totally road-trip worthy.

13. Vintage Bracelet – I found this bracelet during another vintage shopping adventure with my Mom. It’s from Expo 1967 and has “Marion” engraved on the back. It was $3. The anthropologist in me loves the idea of holding a tiny piece of history in my hand.

14. The reason I love living here – One of my favorite views. I grew up two blocks from this.

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