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Vegas, I can’t quit you.

I’m not really over Vegas. The non-blogging people in my life keep asking me about the trip and I keep giving generic answers like “It was fun! It was amazing!” and then I don’t really say much after that. Even when I was writing my Vegas recap post last week I was having trouble putting the experience into words.

Then, Almie posted THIS which perfectly encapsulates everything the weekend was about.

Watch it. It’s only 3 minutes. It’s amazing. You can see me (& THE BAND!) a few times. I’m the girl (unsuccessfully) drinking vodka right out of the bottle.

Bloggers in Sin City from Almie Rose on Vimeo.

What I didn’t mention in my previous post was that while I was in Vegas, I also met Abby of The Jungle Princess. We’ve been following each other for about a year online and when I told her I was going to be in town for the conference she kindly offered to let me stay with her for a night & show me around the city from the perspective of a local.


{Isn’t Abby lovely?}

On the Wednesday night, although slightly tired and travel weary we hit the town. We went to the Cosmopolitan where we ate at Jaleo and I tried Tapas for the first time. We also had the Cava punch (below). It’s replaced the “mysterious yellow drink” as the new beverage I can’t stop thinking about.


Bloggers in Sin City from Almie Rose on Vimeo.

With our bellies full of champagne, seafood & miniature Spanish ham sandwiches (Vegas = land where I am yet to find a sandwich that disappoints me) we wandered through the casino and eventually made our way over to the Stratosphere where Abby convinced me to go on The Big Shot – a ride that catapults you from the 921-foot high platform up the Stratosphere’s mast to a height of 1,081 feet and down again giving you a full view of the Las Vegas Valley. It looks exactly like this only better. Once I got up to the platform I was terrified, like, sweaty palms, white knuckles terrified, clinging to the handrails telling Abby “I don’t thinkI can do this!“- much to the amusement of some German teenagers who I’m pretty sure were making fun of me. However, once we were up there, 100o ft above the glittering lights of Las Vegas, all I could think was “What took me so long?!” Who waits until they are 29 -30 to go on their first rollercoaster? Or, better yet – WHO LIVES IN A CITY OF 4 MILLION PEOPLE FOR 10 YEARS AND HAS NEVER TRIED TAPAS?! Me, apparently.

One of my fellow Biscuits (Bloggers in Sin City = BiSC = Biscuits – get it?) Amber commented that the trip made her realize that “(She)’s become the person (she) wants to be”

Before I started this blog I’d often ask myself “When is my real life going to begin?”. I stayed in situations not because they made me happy but because they were comfortable. I chose dissatisfaction because it was less scary than actually moving forward. All the while I knew I wanted to live BIGGER. So, I started a blog. Two years later, I no longer feel like my life is waiting to begin. I’m living. I’m having fun. Blogging has forced me outside of myself. It’s pushed me towards all kinds of new experiences and people I’d never have met otherwise. It’s shown me that people who barely know you can be some of the most welcoming people you’ll ever meet (whoa, that totally sounded like it was straight out of a cult manifesto) That’s why BiSC was special to me. It was like the past 2 years finally came to fruition in the most fun way possible. If you don’t believe me, watch the video. I’m not the girl who is scared of her own life anymore. I’m the girl who walks shamelessly down the Vegas strip carrying a plastic guitar. She was always in there, it was just a matter of peeling back the layers.

This is the last post about Vegas. I promise.


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