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Two Simone’s are Better than One.

Last night I went on my much anticipated blogger date with the lovely Nicole Simone of Miss Late July. I really, really, really liked Nicole. She’s adorable & one of those people that you meet that you feel an instant connection to, like you should have been friends for years and its ridiculous that you’re only meeting now. Nicole said some really nice things about me so I’m going to just pull a Patrick Swayze and say “DITTO” (because it’s the truth).

We realized early on in the night that this whole “WEIRDO MAGNET” thing I have going on is CONTAGIOUS.

Nicole has already done a good job of recounting all of the bizarre things that happened last night but, here are a few of my favorite moments:

#1. Sombrero Guy

Seconds after walking into the bar, we were approached by a guy wearing a giant sombrero who greeted us with “Sooo ladies, would you like to join my bachelor party?!”

“Um, maybe later?”

Afterward, Nicole says to me something like, “You weren’t kidding about being a weirdo magnet”

Me: “I thought this kind of stuff happened to everyone”

Apparently it doesn’t.

#2. Where I pick up guys for Nicole by talking about Venereal Diseases and Vomit.

I was standing by the bar, sipping my newly acquired cocktail when the guy next to me says,

“What is that you’re drinking?”

(He was kind of cute, so I thought, “Cool! This is my chance to practice my wing-woman skills! I’m going to lure him in with my stellar conversation skills and then pass him on to Nicole!”)

“Some kind of strawberry vodka thing”
“Is it good?”
It was cloudy. It was bitter. It was disgusting but it was free. “No, it kind of tastes like throw-up”
“Can I taste it?”
“Only if you don’t have Herpes”
“I don’t have Herpes”
“Cool! Me neither! Still want to try the drink?
“I’m just going to order a shot”
“You should really talk to my friend. She’s a musician…and she also doesn’t have Herpes

The crazy part? THIS ACTUALLY WORKED. They ended up chatting & hitting it off. Thus proving that I either have excellent game as a wing-woman…or the worst ever…or a bit of both.

#3. Sausage Guy.

Later in the night we went to another bar to meet up with a few of my friends. We were standing outside getting ready to have our ID’s checked. I have waaaaayyyyy too many cards inside my wallet, so I was flipping through a stack of them trying to locate my Health Card. One of the bouncers stops me and says,

“Wait….is that a BUSINESS CARD for……”

I thought he was going to say something about my bright pink business cards but instead, he says:


me: “What?”

him: “That card, for the Sausage Factory. Can I take a look at it?”

Me: “You mean THIS?”

In my wallet I still have the business card from this Ukrainian Restaurant/Sausage Factory that I went to when I was in Edmonton this spring. The Bouncer grabbed the card from me.

him: “This is so AMAZING. A whole factory that makes sausage! I LOVE SAUSAGE! SAUSAGE IS AMAZING! Do you love Sausage too? Is that why you were at the sausage factory?

me: “My family is Eastern European. We take our sausage seriously”

The bouncer turns to us and says, “So ladies, do either of you know anything about Greek Mythology?”


And, THAT is what happens when two Simone’s hit the town.

Has anyone else been on any fun blogger dates recently?



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