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Things I Know are True

Whenever life feels uncertain, I like to remind myself of the things I know are true. Here is a list of things that I know for certain about myself and life in general. (I realized once I started writing these things down that this list is actually a continuation of this post that I wrote a year ago)

1. I’m blessed with really amazing friends. They are my pseudo-family.

2. I grew up two city blocks from the beach. Being close to a large body of water – whether it’s the ocean, a lake, or a swimming pool provides me with an inexplicable sense of peace.

3. I’m a city girl at heart. Even if it’s a small city, I still need to be close to the action, close to other people and be able to walk places. This is something I’ve known about myself since I was a kid.

{Me – Chinatown, Toronto}

4. Even though this blog may at times suggest otherwise, I do believe in love.

5. My politics swing to the left. I’m Pro-Choice. Pro-Gay Marriage. I believe in social justice. This will never change.

6. Even though I sometimes lose faith in our government, I still think it’s important to vote. It’s important to care about what happens in your country & your local community.

7. Often when I’m walking around my downtown, West-end neighborhood I’m completely overwhelmed by the love I have for this corner of the city.

8. I couldn’t live without music or books. My heart flutters with excitement a little bit every time I walk into a book store. Even ten years later, this album is still one of the best things I’ve ever heard.

9. I don’t want to imagine a day where I won’t want to dance. I hope it never comes.

10. Whenever I come across over-sized inanimate objects, I must take a cheesy photo standing next to them. Especially, if it’s a giant wiener giving himself a good ketchup-ing.




11. Pizza will never be my friend. I’ve had a gluten and lactose sensitivities since I was a kid. As an adult, I’m finally owning up to the fact that my body cannot deal with gluten…at all. Although the two trips I’ve taken to Italy have been some of my favorite memories, eating there was bittersweet and went something like this: “Everything tastes so delicious…oh my god, everything makes me feel so sick“. I’ve been back on the gluten free diet for 3 weeks now and I feel so much better.

12. I make my bed as soon as I get up every morning. I put away my clothes at the end of the day before going to bed. I enjoy cleaning, organizing and making things pretty.

13. When it comes to fashion, it’s better to take a few risks and fail than to never take any risks at all. I mean, look at Ugly Betty – she’s fabulous! Besides, fashion mistakes make looking at old photos so much better. Be a little bit daring. Do it for your kids (so they can eventually laugh at you)!

14. There’s really no point to beating yourself up about your misspent youth. Someday you’ll find yourself in the world’s most painful board (bored) meeting and a smile with form on your lips. Everyone will assume you’re smiling at your pervy CEO’s latest “That’s what she said!” joke but really you’re thinking about one of those times you did ______ (a very naughty, possibly illegal thing) with ________ (that questionable but hot person) in __________ (interesting locale). It’s all good. Really. Life is different now but it’s stories like this that will push you to become a writer.

I’m thankful that I know these things.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians! xox

What’s something you know is true about yourself?


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