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These Shoes Were Made For Wild Times

One of the really cool things about having the kind of blog that I do, is that I get to try products that I wouldn’t have picked up for myself. Occasionally, these products are just a tiny bit out of my comfort zone which makes things interesting. This is definitely the case with these Teeze Cheetah Platform Shoes from Ohhh Canada.

It’s no big secret that I love animal prints. So, when the lovely people at Ohhh Canada started carrying these sexy shoes, they offered to send me a pair to try (thank you!)

I should start off my saying that although I love animal prints, most of the heels I wear are more of the traditional stiletto pump variety. So, these are not shoes that I would normally wear outside of the house. However, if my lingerie reviews are any indication, I am a fan of dressing up in the bedroom from time to time. Why? Because it’s fun and re-connects me with my background in theatre. When it comes to dressing up in the bedroom we often overlook one crucial accessory: shoes. I often just throw on my favourite pair of very high patent leather stilettos that go with everything & call it a day. So, although you won’t catch me wearing these shoes for a night on the town, they’re perfect for some dress-up play. They kind of remind me of something “Stripper Lily” from How I Met Your Mother would wear. And if you can’t dress up like your favourite HIMYM doppelgänger in the privacy of your own bedroom, where can you really?

The pin-up worthy Teeze Cheetah Platform Shoes are made of man-made cheetah print patent leather material (giving them a slight sheen), have a built platform and 5.75″ stiletto heel. The strong toe is accented with a sassy cut-out and adorned with a bright red bow. The Teeze Cheetah Platform Shoes are made by Pleaser (a company known for making stripper shoes & sexy footwear) and are part of their Bordello collection – a line that’s inspired by a retro, pin-up and burlesque styles. The shoes come packaged in one of the cutest shoe boxes I have ever seen and include a cloth dust bag for storage & travel.

cheeah 2
Although I was a little apprehensive about the height of these shoes (almost six inches!), as you can see I “got into character” and had fun strutting around the house in them as I took them for a test drive.

Cheetah 1
The important thing to know about these shoes (aside from the fact that they look really sexy when on) is that they run quite small. I’m typically always a size six, however these fit really, really tight on me – especially in the toe area. My feet are pretty average in width and I found these shoes extremely narrow, making them slightly painful to wear. I don’t think this is necessarily the fault of the shoes, I just really needed to go up a size to a 7. If you’re considering purchasing these my advice would be to go a size up, or try them on in person at Ohhh Canada‘s new brick and mortar store before you buy. 

(Editors note: the team at Ohhh Canada wanted me to let you know that if you’re not sure of your size, you can order two sizes and send the other size back (or drop it off at our retail store) for a full refund of the price of the second pair. You’ll have to pay the shipping, but there is NO other cost. If you’d prefer to try them on in person, please send them an email at cs@ohhhcanada.ca or give us a call at 647-288-1118 x 1 and they’ll have your shoes in your style and your sizes ready for you to try on in-store at 721 Queen St. West, 2nd Floor within two business days.) 

Although I can’t imagine wearing these shoes for an extended period of time (at least with the current size I have), they’re the perfect footwear for costume play in the bedroom (you be Marshall, I’ll be Lily), a pin-up inspired photo-shoot, a Burlesque performance (pending the correct size/fit) or even a private striptease for your partner. With the right outfit (maybe this one?), these shoes could look really, really hot.

Despite comfort issues due to sizing, these shoes make you feel really sexy and powerful when you have them on. I’m about 5’5″ – however with these shoes on, I’m closer to 6’1″. The extra height kind of makes me feel like I’m staring in the Attack of the 50ft Woman and I have the power to crush cars with my bare hands (ok, maybe not. But almost.)

However, if you’re not used to wearing heels, with a 5.75 inches, you might find these shoes a bit daunting! My advice: in order to prevent injury and potential awkwardness, do a few practice runs around the house before you decide to wear them in the bedroom. You’ll thank yourself later.

Cheetah 6
In conclusion, Teaser Cheetah Platform Shoes are a fun piece to add to your sexy-time arsenal and they will will definitely come out to play again in the future. I just don’t see wearing them for a long night of dancing any time soon – at least until I remedy my sizing issue.

I’m sure Stripper Lily would understand.

If you’d like to grab a pair for yourself, the Teeze Cheetah Platform Shoes is available at Ohhh Canada for $65.99. (Just remember – go up a size!)

This review was brought to you by the good people at Ohhh Canada I received these shoes free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. 

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