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The Suitcase Test

This probably sounds strange but, I actually kind of enjoy living out of a suitcase. I think this is because whenever I’m getting ready to go somewhere I put a lot of thought into what I am going to pack. The things I chose to put in my suitcase are always the clothes I love best and are the most useful. When I arrive at my destination I love the feeling of opening up my suitcase and seeing all the clothes I love to wear, all in one place. 

For my trip to BC I packed pretty light (knowing I’d probably be bringing back some stuff). The past few weeks I’ve basically been living in the pieces that I’ve tried to illustrate in today’s collage: a pair of skinny dark J Brand jeans, an identical pair of jeans in black, a couple of different T-shirts, a Cowichan sweater (sometimes worn as a jacket on warm days), a long black cashmere-silk blend cardigan, and either my Converse or motorcycle boots. For accessories I’ve been alternating between a couple of different scarves (for color and texture). For a purse I’ve been using my black Longchamp bag . An easy packing choice–its by far the most versatile and practical bag I own. Maybe I am just someone who thrives on restricted choices, but I’ve been loving my limited holiday wardrobe!

[ I also brought one dressy “Holiday Outfit” –a violet colored skirt & a lace tank top. I was going to pair these with some high heeled oxfords  and my vintage LV leather clutch if I had to go out everywhere. Funnily enough, this outfit hasn’t been worn yet. I haven’t had an event or a purpose to wear it. West Coasters just don’t dress up that much– And that’s actually kind of refreshing. I’ve barely even worn makeup during the past three weeks]

Because of how I pack, getting dressed while I am on vacation is always quick and painless. Often when I look back on my vacation photos I think “I actually look quite pulled together! Why can’t I look & feel like that all the time?”

Good question!!!

I’ve decided that I am  going to apply my “suitcase” philosophy to how I organize my clothes for 2010. There is no reason why my everyday wardrobe can’t be as workable, as the “mini wardrobe” I brought with me on this trip. So, when I get back to Toronto next week– before I even unpack my suitcase– I’m going to go through the clothes that are still hanging in my closet and put everything to “the suitcase test”.

I think its a good exercise to take each item in your wardrobe and ask yourself “Do I love it? Would I choose to pack this in my suitcase?” or even better “Does this piece of clothing fit with how I envision myself dressing for 2010?”. This is what I plan to do, as part of my on-going “Wardrobe Makeunder“. Everything that doesn’t make the cut is getting put aside. My intention is to have a big clothing sale in 2010 and give whatever is left over to the goodwill.

It may sound superficial but I do believe that how we feel is connected to what we wear. Keeping items in your closet that aren’t loved, used or that don’t make you feel awesome every time you wear them creates stagnant/negative energy. I want 2010 & beyond to be all about feeling confident, pulled together and comfortable with myself. Everything in my closet that doesn’t make me feel this way is GOING BYE BYE. I already feel really positive and excited about 2010 and I think getting rid of this extra clutter is going to make the start of the year that much better. 

Has anyone else been thinking about doing this kind of thing in honor of the New Year? 


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