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The Single Girl’s To-Do List

Champagne. Chocolate. Books.

Um, yes please!

Two weeks ago I attended a party that managed to combine all three of these pleasures under one roof. On June 29th, I went to a launch for the new novel “The Single Girl’s To-Do list” by British author Lindsey Kelk. The event was held at MoRoCo Chocolat – a luxe “chocolate bar” in the Yorkville area of Toronto.

The evening was a lot of fun. I took Melissa, my usual “plus one” and we spent the night eating delicious chocolate treats, drinking champagne & catching up with some of our favorite Toronto ladies (and one or two gents!)

Melissa and I met Lindsey Kelk who graciously signed our books and took a bunch of photos with us. Lindsey was super friendly, personable and just lovely all around.

{Melissa, Lindsey, Me}
To be honest, I actually don’t read a whole lot of chick-lit. My literary tastes tend to lean more towards the bizarre, dark, quirky Brett Easton Ellis, Douglas Coupland spectrum of things (with the exception being books written by reality TV stars that are so terrible they are almost good). However, I am looking forward to reading “The Single Girl’s To-Do List” – especially since it features the City of Toronto and characters with nicknames like “Mr. Persistant Ex” and “Mr. Deeply Unsuitable” (OMG, I’ve dated that guy….18 TIMES). I have on good authority from a few people that it’s a witty and smart read. After meeting the author, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

{Our friend Natasa with Lindsey}

Sidebar: Recently, I discovered that my Mom has difficulty telling my friend Val and I apart in photos when we are both wearing dark sunglasses. Bizarre? Totally. In the spirit of keeping things confusing – this photo is for you Mom. We didn’t plan on wearing almost identical outfits to the party but it happened. We’re even wearing the same pair of pants, just in different washes.

Eventually, near the end of the evening, the conversation turned to chic-lit and how one of the reasons it’s popular is because it manages to tap into what some women really want (love, adventure, romance, shoes). That’s when Zach (one of the few male invitees) came up with a brilliant idea. He told us:

“I’m going to read this book and be that guy. Not the guy at the beginning of the book…the guy at the end of the book”.

Judging by Zach’s facial expression, I think he’s on to something. What do you guys think?

{All event photos courtesy of Valerie and Natasa. Thank you for sharing them with me!}

The exciting news? Harper Collins has given me one autographed copy of Lindsey’s new book to give away so that you can enjoy “The Single Girl’s To-Do List” before its released later in August.

To win the book simply leave a comment on this entry & tell me what’s on YOUR “To-Do” list this summer!

Extra entries are given every time you tweet:

Hey @by_simone I’d love to win a copy of @LindseyKelk ‘s “The Single Girl’s To-Do List” http://bit.ly/op7ASM

Contest ends Sunday July 17th.

Good Luck! xox


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