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The Right Bra Makes the World of Difference

Last year when I was in Vegas, my room-mate Carly and I were discussing the differences between shopping in Canada and shopping in the United States. I mentioned to her that a few years ago, Canada finally got our first Victoria’s Secret stores. I remember her response was something like:

“What?! You mean you didn’t have Victoria’s Secret before?! HOW DID YOU LIVE?!”

Good question. Although I love to support Canadian retailers, nothing compares to the sweet guilty pleasure that comes from hearing that one of your favorite American brands is setting up shop. I know I’m not the only one who is not-so-patiently awaiting the opening of Target in Canada in 2013. Whenever I visit friends in the States, I’m always like “Um, can you just drop me off at a Target for a few hours so I can touch all the pretty bright colors & spend way too much money?!” 2013, we’re almost there!!!

(FYI American friends, we don’t have Target in Canada yet however, we DO have Marshalls and Chipotle….at least in Toronto.)

Giant Scissors: what happens when American brands come to Canada.

So where do Canadians buy underwear? As I explained to Carly, we have our places. There’s a national chain called La Senza which is kind of like a poor man’s Victoria’s Secret. It was recently purchased by Victoria’s Secret (so technically it’s no longer Canadian) and carries similar kinds of products at lower prices. We also have department stores that sell lingerie, specialty shops and the coveted Agent Provocateur (but only in Vancouver*)

*I’ve realized that part of being Canadian involves keeping a running tally of which American Brands we have, which are coming and which Canadian brands are coming to the States, which always sounds a bit like this: “We have J Crew now but only in Toronto not Edmonton. Did you hear Pink Berry is coming here? I think it’s just a myth. Good news! They just opened an Aritzia in New York City. Also I know there’s a Tim Hortons in Ohio because so-and-so saw it while they were on a road-trip” We  are also fiercely proud of our Canadian celebrities and like to point out their Canadianness whenever possible  Ie. “Did you know Madonna’s Mom is part French Canadian?”

Anyways, I’ve been a loyal La Senza shopper for years. The store’s not amazing but they carry some cute stuff. I always figured it was pretty much the same as Victoria’s Secret – until I shopped there for the first time while I was in Toronto last month.

Two things that impressed me about my first Victoria’s Secret experience:

Helpful service & tons of pretty bras that actually fit me!

First of all, one of the girls measured me for my correct bra size (I thought this would involve flashing my boobs to a complete stranger however she was able to do it over my fitted tank top). I highly recommend getting properly measured for a bra. I discovered that I have actually been wearing the wrong bra size for most of my adult life (!)

The amount of bras VS carries is overwhelming so the girls there put together a “bra box” for me which included one of every style in basic black. I usually have the worst time finding bras so I was surprised at how many of the styles were not only flattering but also super comfortable and supportive!

After much deliberation & texting of creepy photos of the different bras to my BFF Ange (who eventually came and met me at the change rooms to help me make my final decision) I settled on three different styles that fit me perfectly:

 The Dream Angels Demi:

Dream angels bra

 The Body by Victoria Multi-Way:

body by victoria multi-way bra

& The Unforgettable Demi Bra:

 After I finished shopping, the sales girl wrote down the styles on a cute little card so I’d remember for next time.

One pink bag and way too much money later, I went home with a bunch of new bras that I love. My boobs are very happy and it’s safe to say that I am a Victoria’s Secret convert….so much so that I may have just ordered THIS to take to Vegas:

leopard print victoria's secret bikini

I think this could be the start of a new addiction. 

*By the way, Victoria’s Secret did not ask me to write this. I just thought I would share my experience because it was a positive one and it might be helpful to other women who have never been measured for a bra – it seriously makes the world of difference!

What are your lingerie shopping tips?


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