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Since I have some time off this week from work, one of my goals is to get “digitally organized” – this means cleaning up the files on my lap-top, creating folders for stuff & clearing out a lot of the posts I have saved in my drafts folder. Do you find that you start writing blog posts and then never finish them? I do this all the time and its a habit I’m trying to break.

A few of my favorite bloggers, City Girl, Seattle Stevie & Teacher Girl do something each week called “Ten on Tuesday”. Basically the idea is that there are a new set of ten questions each week that a bunch of different bloggers answer. A few weeks ago I answered some of the questions but neglected to publish the post. I thought I’d share my answers anyway. If you’re new here this might help you get to know me a bit better.

1.What’s the perfect meal? I love seafood so, my perfect meal would be some kind of fresh grilled fish (or prawns or crab) with vegetables & rice or potatoes. The Cactus Club’s Sake & Soy Marinated Sable Fish comes pretty close to pure perfection. I don’t think my description will do it justice but, its a cod-like fish that’s been marinated in a sweet soy sauce, blackened and put on top of a bed of veggies & potatoes floating in a shitake mushroom broth. So, so, tasty – if you like fish & Asian inspired flavors.

It’s one of the best things I have ever tasted. Top that off with a nice glass of wine or a martini and I’m in heaven.

2. What’s the perfect pair of shoes? I like shoes that are versatile, comfortable and make me feel sexy. My favorite pair right now are my black patent leather Ralph Lauren wedges. They look great with everything from shorts, skirts, maxi dresses, skinny jeans etc. They give me some height but are so light weight and comfortable that it barely feels like I’m wearing heels.

3. What is the perfect job? I think that’s different for everyone – I’d say, something that makes you happy & that you feel good about doing. I’m still trying to figure out what this means for me.

4.What’s the perfect house? I grew up on the West Coast so, I am biased towards houses that suit the west coast aesthetic: modern, lots of glass, exposed wood and natural light. Airy, modern & beachy with a vintage twist – that’s my style.

The perfect house would of course have a pool in the backyard and/or be close to the ocean. I’d fill the house with lots of Jonathan Adler goodies, a mix of vintage and new furniture & original art work.

Houses I lust after: Jen Ramos of Made by Girl‘s gorgeous home (I could easily see myself living in this space. Her home office makes me swoon). This cute LA bungalow (I love mid-century modern – 50’s & 60’s – style furniture). Margarita’s home in BC (her space reminds me of a glam version of my grandparent’s home in North Vancouver)

5. What’s the perfect outfit? My standby outfits are either:

– a black fitted pencil skirt from Club Monaco
– a white shirt by Wilfred
– the above mentioned shoes


– J-Brand skinnies (either dark denim or black)
-white Wilfred shirt
-the above mentioned shoes

Throw a black leather jacket on top of either, grab one of my favorite bags and I’m set. Simple, easy, chic.

6. What’s the perfect wedding song? I’ve always thought if I ever get married I’d love to have either Love by Musiq Soulchild or Stars by Kindred Family Soul. They are both a little over the top romantic but, perfect for a wedding and a first dance. The video for “Love” always makes me smile & tear up a bit. I guess even this snarky blogger has a soft spot for cute old people dancing.

7. What’s the perfect afternoon? One of the best afternoons I’ve had was the day of my 30th birthday. I spent it in South Beach, Miami. It involved the following: a gorgeous sunny day, brunch, wandering around in the sun, mojitos, good food, window shopping at Barney’s, followed by swimming & pre-dinner drinks in the hotel pool.

8. What’s the perfect hairstyle? For my face and skin-tone probably how it is now: naturally wavy, below my shoulders & dark brown with a hint of auburn. I love how my hairdresser Jon styled my hair for the Textuality movie premiere. He used large rollers and then a curling iron to create big, loopy curls. If I had an extra hour a day (or Jon as my live-in stylist) I’d style my hair this way everyday instead of my requisite bun or pony-tail.

8. What’s the perfect music festival? I’d love to go to a festival that combined all my favorite “urban” artists: Lauryn Hill, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Stephen Marley, Outkast, Common, Janelle Monae, Jill Scott etc with some of my favorite electronic acts like Cut Copy, Daft Punk, Toro Y Moi & Code Breaker. Or, if time travel was possible, I would love to go back to the 90’s and attend KUBE 93 Summer Jam – an annual music festival hosted by the Seattle radio station I used to listen to religiously in high school. They always had an epic line-up of artists like Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, TLC, Aaliyah, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, SWV, Jade, Total, En Vogue – these were all my favorite artists at the time but I was too young to see when they were still together/alive/sober.

9. What’s the perfect day to yourself? I’m not sure in what order these events would take place but the day would definitely involve: some productive writing time with my lap top, a really great cup of coffee (or two), some time spent reading in bed and or/poolside, some light shopping & watching something that I’d never expect anyone else to watch with me like back to back episodes of the show “Gigolos” (which is totally insane & bizarre & like, my new favorite thing)

Now, it’s your turn to answer one of these questions!


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