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The Morning After

My first morning in Toronto I woke up to an unexpected male guest in my bed.

I took stock of my new sleep-over buddy: he was about 2 ft tall, long hair, intense green eyes, wearing a  furry tuxedo. Not exactly my usual type. The last thing I remember from the night before was watching “Beats, Rhymes, Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest” with my room-mate before shutting my door & stumbling to bed. How did this happen?!

I asked him “What are you doing here?!

Head rested on the pillow next to mine, he remained silent, staring back at me with those green eyes.

Ok fine. You can stay in here but no funny business!” I said to him before dozing back to sleep.

I woke up 2 hours later to find two of these hands pressed up against my boobs.

I quickly removed his paws and said, “Totally not cool dude!” and tried to push him out of the bed.

He refused to budge and instead just gave me this look that says, “Girl. You crazy. I just want to love you

Blog friends meet Bogie, my room-mates amorous cat.

Although we haven’t known each other that long, Bogie and I already have quite the history. Ever since I moved in he’s been all up in my business. He loves to climb into bed, lie on my chest and cuddle while I watch TV.

Things were cool between us until they got “weird.” A few weeks after moving in I was sitting on my bed reading with Bogie splayed out on top of me. The longer he was on my lap,  the more intense his purring got. That’s when I looked down and noticed that he was kneading his paws into my legs and making some very suspect hip movements. I didn’t even realize Cats did that.

I grabbed Bogie and told him “I think it’s time you leave” and removed him from my bedroom.

A few days later, he busted into my room while I was sitting on the edge of my bed, doing up my bra and started rubbing his furry body all over my naked back.

I grabbed him and said, “BOGIE. REMEMBER THAT TALK WE HAD ABOUT BOUNDARIES?!” before kicking him out the door.

Since those initial rejections, the little guy is only allowed supervised access to my room. At night and in the morning he’s taken to waiting outside my bedroom, meowing and routinely slamming his whole body against the door trying to break in. I have to admire his persistence. Bogie is the kind of guy who just doesn’t give up easily.

Even if you push him off, kick him out and lock the bedroom door, this little guy won’t dare scratch you. Bogie is lover not a fighter.

It’s a good thing I don’t have any real gentleman callers because they’d probably have some serious competition.

How was your weekend? xo



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