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The Important Wishes

Yesterday I walked downtown and spent the whole afternoon Christmas shopping. Not only did I come home with some cool gifts for everyone I love, but I also came home with the flu! I was standing in the middle of the Toronto Eaton Center (aka, Holiday Shopping Hell) when suddenly my whole body started to hurt and I felt like I was going to pass out. By 7pm I was at home, curled up under two afghans, soup in hand, shaking with the chills, watching Ugly Betty and basically feeling like I was going to die. I was also freaking out because tomorrow morning I’m flying to BC for Christmas. The last thing I want to do is fly sick (Been there, done that, not fun). However, thanks to massive amounts of Vitamin D, I am feeling better today.

After seeing the state of the mall yesterday (it was psychotic to say the least) I realized its so easy to get caught up in the over consumption and spending frenzy that is Christmas. I can’t help but wonder if me getting sick last night was a message from the universe telling me to slow down and take stock of whats really important. So in an effort to do this, here is a list of what I really want for Christmas:

1. Spend quality time with family. (This year I’ll get to see Grandparents & my Mom’s family!- I usually don’t get the chance to see them during the holidays because of geographical restrictions)

2. Have a fun day going for lunch and walking around the city doing some casual Christmas shopping with a friend. (Done! My best friend in the city and I did exactly that on Monday: went for lunch, went and checked out the Anthropologie store, wandered around Queen street West & had a really nice afternoon)

3. Have a day to chill out, work on some jewelry design ideas and write out Christmas cards. **

4. Go skating outside, drink hot chocolate.

5. Have a day with BF where we go drink Starbucks holiday beverages & go for a long walk around the city. (Done–Two weekends ago!)

6. Spend Christmas Eve Day with my Best Friend & do all of our usual 24th traditions which include: eating homemade macaroni & cheese for lunch, going to see the Christmas tree display at the Empress Hotel (where we take lots of nerdy photos of us with all the trees) and exchanging gifts.

7. Do something good for someone else. (I have this puffy Baby Phat bomber jacket that’s been sitting in my closet for years –a relic from my brief “Ghetto Fab” phase–I never wear it but its super warm so I am going to donate it. Along with a bunch of other clothes that I figure people could use around this time of year. Also, BF and I are going to donate some $ to a village in Zambia that are trying to raise funds to build a school)

8. Reconnect with some old friends who are also home for the holidays.

9. Pig out on tasty Eastern European home cooking. (My family does this every Christmas Eve)

10. Try and actually enjoy the holidays as much as possible.

** I still have lots of blank Christmas cards that need homes. If you haven’t requested your Skinny Dip Christmas card, it’s not too late! Email me your address at skinnydipblog@gmail.com. I will be writing & sending them out this weekend (so, they’ll be “slightly after Christmas” cards, which is kind of the norm for me anyways.). Don’t be shy, I want to send cards to my readers!

I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for the West Coast. I’ll be there from Dec. 18th- Jan 7th. I’ll be without internet access at least until the 23rd or 24th. So, just in case you don’t see any posts from me next week that’s why. In the mean time I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

{Photo found via We Heart It)

What are some of your favorite things to do during the holidays?


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