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The Good, The Bad and Vegas

So, here is intention #2 for 2011:


The big news in Skinny Dip land this week is that I’m going to Vegas for Bloggers in Sin City where I will spend three (hopefully wild and crazy) days in Vegas with 99 other Bloggers. Yes, you just read that right. I’m meeting the rest of my tribe!

I really wanted to go BiSC last year but, I had just started a new job so, obviously that took precedence. This year I knew I had to make it happen. My best-friend can attest to the fact that I am notorious for doing stuff at the very last minute possible (especially when it comes to making travel plans). Last week I totally surprised myself when I decided to sign up right away.

Just like Bringing the Sexy Back wasn’t really just about sexy pajamas, going to Vegas is also about something more: its about keeping a promise to myself to actually do what I say I’m going to do. Too often I say,”I’ll do that next year”. But, the Next Years pile up and I don’t want it to be that way anymore. So, I’m going to Vegas.

As I was waiting for my PayPal to go through the other night, I had this total giddy-heart-pounding-butterflies moment where I was like “I FEEL LIKE I JUST SIGNED UP FOR A BOOZY SLEEPAWAY CAMP FOR ADULTS” which, in a sense is exactly what it is. Just the thought of meeting some of my favorite bloggers makes me giddy like a tween who just bought tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert.

Now that I know I am going for sure, whenever I feel bummed out about something I tell myself, its OK, “I’M GOING TO VEGAS“. For example:

It’s so cold outside today that I can feel my nose hairs freezing* (True Story. Welcome to Canada)


I feel kind of lost today.


I just dropped my hairbrush in the toilet.


I might have to eat way more ramen and macaroni than usual to pay for this trip.


The ultimate example of this happened the other day at work. I was sitting at my desk when a student came into my office to talk to me. As soon as the kid started asking me questions I became completely distracted by the the fact that both of his nostrils were crusted over with dried snot and there was a giant booger dangling out of one of them. It took all my willpower to remain calm, professional and straight-faced. Meanwhile all that was going through my head was:


Me: “Our program is really beneficial if you’re looking to do a career switch. The networking opportunities are really amazing”

(In my head: Oh my god. It looks like its hanging by a thread. Oh booger, please don’t fall. Doesn’t he notice its there?! Should I offer him a Kleenex? Would that be unprofessional? Oh crap. I don’t have any Kleenex. Wait, what is he doing? Ugh, he keeps rubbing his hand against his nose! Stop scratching and touching your nose!!!)

That’s when it happened. He took one more swift scratch and BAM! A tiny piece of nose crusty landed on my desk.

The student, completely oblivious to what had just happened, stayed in my office for another half an hour asking me questions while the nose crusty lay on my desk just inches away from my coffee cup.

Let me remind you, I work with grad students not, kindergartners.

I think this definitely tops the infamous “sweaty handshake” incident.

As I was getting ready to Lysol wipe the hell out of my desk, I took a deep breath and said:

A student just flicked a booger on my desk.



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