Meet The Jopen V12: The Vibrator That Makes Men Nervous

Confession – I’ve been dying to try the Jopen Vr12 vibrator forever. Lusting after it in fact. When Adult Sensations offered to hook me up with my very own Jopen Vr12 to add to my personal collection, I couldn’t resist doing a happy dance around my bedroom/office.

I know what you’re probably thinking:

“Um, Simone – how could you possibly need another vibrator?”

It’s OK, I get it.  At first glance the Jopen Vr12 looks like any other luxury rabbit vibrator. It’s made of 100% body-safe, silky smooth silicone, it’s rechargeable, water-resistant and is fully re-chargeable. As a dual action vibrator, it provides super powerful vibrations to stimulate both your c-spot and your g-spot – giving you powerful, deliciously toe-curling orgasms.

It does all of this, with a twist. Literally.


The Vr12 has a rotating shaft. Yes, I said rotating. The shaft portion of this toy turns in a circular motion.

When I was in Toronto this fall, I was hanging out with a bunch of friends and the conversation turned to the topic of sex as it usually does whenever we get together for drinks. I had recently attended the Toronto Everything to do with Sex Show. When my friends asked me about the show, I mentioned coming across the display for the Jopen Vr12 and how badly I wanted to try the toy. One of my guy friends responded:

“We’ve all read your blog. Don’t you have a bazillion vibrators already?! What makes this one different?”

When I mentioned to the group about the rotating head, the same friend gave me this nervous, panic stricken look not unlike this:


And blurted out: “What?! It rotates?! BUT THAT’S SOMETHING I CAN’T DO!”

I couldn’t argue with him. I haven’t met any men (yet) that can rotate their penis in perfect clockwise circles at the drop of a hat. This is where the Jopen Vr12 steps in. As you can see from the photo below, the toy has two vibrating motors – one in the clitoral arm of the toy and one at the base of the toy. The vibrations carry throughout the toy right up to the rotating tip.


The Vr12 also features two very easy to use control buttons – one for the shaft and one for the clitoral arm. Press the button once to turn the features on or off, and hold the button down to increase the intensity. I love how simple and easy to use the controls are on this toy. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re about to have an orgasm is “What button do I press again?!”

I also love that the toy comes with a totally chic, flower inspired charging port.

To give you an idea of how the toy works, here’s a video from the Jopen website. You can witness the rotating action at around the 20 second mark!

With all that said, I don’t think men have to be worried about being replaced by the Jopen Vr12. When women use vibrators, we’re not necessarily looking to replace a real partner. I can’t speak for everyone, but given the option I’d much rather be with an actual human who can look into my eyes, stroke my hair and tear my clothes off. When women use sex toys it’s because we’re looking to get off – something that the Jopen Vr12 does very, very well. This toy does exactly what it’s meant to do: it makes you come…again and again.


The combination of the rotating, g-spot stimulating head and the frantically buzzing clitoral stimulator was enough to really put me over the edge. Also, what I really loved about the Jopen Vr12 is it’s size and girth. I really enjoy a toy that’s a bit on the longer side, like the Lelo Soraya. As you can see from the photo above, the Jopen Vr12 is the longest and thickest toy in my collection. This works perfectly for me but some people may find it a bit on the large side. Beginners or those not used to larger toys may need to use a bit of lube with it.

Overall, I give the Jopen Vr12 two very big Skinny Dip thumbs up.

Now here’s the catch: The Jopen Vr12 retails at approximately $220. It’s by far the most expensive toy I’ve ever owned or reviewed. Is the toy awesome? YES. Does it give you killer orgasms? YES. Do I think it’s realistic for most of my readers to drop this kind of cash on a sex toy? Probably not. If I hadn’t received this for free, it would have been a stretch for my budget. When I compare it to my beloved Lelo Soraya, which is about $50 cheaper, it seems hard to justify the price of the Vr12 even though the toy does an awesome job. The price, I would say is the only downfall of the Jopen Vr12.

What do you guys think – would you spend over $200 on a vibrator?

The Jopen Vr12 was provided by me by Adult Sensations free of charge in exchange for honest assessment of the product. For more sex toys and lingerie, check out the Adult Sensations Website or visit their Canadian site here. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll. 

Review & Giveaway | Sweet like Candy…or Cake

Around this time of year it’s so easy to catch a case of the winter blahs. When I lived in Toronto the end of January only meant one thing: that there were at least another solid two months of snow and sub-zero temperatures to look forward to. Although the winters are thankfully a lot milder on the West Coast (it’s usually too warm here for snow!) it’s still the time of year when I start to think “Is it spring yet?”

So, I was super thrilled when the nice people at Eden Fantasys offered to send me some goodies to make my winter a little sexier. They also sent a little something for you guys, but I’ll get to that in a few minutes!

Along with a huge selection of adult toys, books and sexy lingerie, EdenFantasys carries an excellent selection of body care products. One of the lines I’m so happy they carry is Cake Beauty. As I’ve mentioned before, I love Cake Beauty products. The company is Canadian and makes Paraben free beauty products that not only smell delicious, but work great too! I’m kind of addicted to their dry shampoo, so I was super excited to try Cake’s Diamond Lipgloss collection.

My lipgloss came in the cute, holiday themed packaging above however, you can buy each shade separately for $9.99. Included in my package were each of the following colours:

vanilla frost: a creamy pearl with opalescent shine
pink icicle: sheer pink with diamond sparkle
gold glimmer: glistening nude with golden sheen.

Top to bottom: gold glimmer, pink icicle, vanilla frost.

The lip-gloss has a nice texture. It’s smooth on your lips without being sticky or tacky like some lip-glosses. I have really dark lips, so I find that a lot of light coloured glosses just look way too light and “cakey” on me. I was kind of worried that this may be the case with the two lighter shades (pink icicle and vanilla frost) however, I was pleasantly surprised that the glosses were super sheer, giving my lips just a hint of colour and shimmer, without that dreaded “whoa, I’m wearing glitter on my lips!” look. To give you an idea of what the product looks like I’ve created this photo-montage.

#1 is me without any makeup on my lips at all.

As you can see from the photo, ALL THE COLOURS LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME ON ME. Actually, that’s not entirely true – there are subtle differences between the shades, it was just hard to capture the subtleties in my badly lit self-portraits. As you can kind of see in figure 4 & 5 – the two darker shades did make my lips look a little more rosy, while the lightest shade (vanilla frost) provides a sexy, shimmery highlight in the centre of my lips.

The fact that there isn’t that much difference between the shades doesn’t phase me. The Diamond Lipgloss feels really moisturizing on the lips and smells absolutely delicious. The first time I wore it out of the house, I stepped into my friend’s car and the first thing they said was:

“Have you been baking? You smell like cake batter.”

As if successfully convincing someone that I’m the kind of person who actually bakes in the middle of the day wasn’t thrilling enough, Edenfantasys also sent me a Picobong Kaya vibrator to try out. In case you haven’t heard, Picobong is a spin-off line from the sex toy masterminds at Lelo. The line takes the look and feel of Lelo products and gives them a fun, younger, more budget friendly re-working.

I adore the Lelo Insignia Soraya (BEST. VIBRATOR. EVER) and also am a fan of the Lelo Ina. I’ve been dying to try the Picobong Kaya to see how it measures up to my two faves. The verdict? It’s kind of awesome.

The Kaya is a rabbit vibrator designed to offer external and internal stimulation simultaneously. This candy coloured toy is made of silky smooth, body-safe, FDA approved silicone and ABS plastic. With 12 different vibration patterns that can be enjoyed at different speeds and easy to use controls, all you have to do is turn Kaya on and she’ll return the favour.

So, what makes the Picobong Kaya different than other Lelo toys?! It’s battery operated. Kaya requires just 2 AAA batteries for up to 2 continuous hours of bliss. Because of this, the price point is much lower than other Lelo toys. As a bonus, this toy is waterproof! If you like to get it on in the bath, shower, swimming pool or enjoy frequenting babbling brooks, you don’t have to worry about Kaya because she’s fully waterproof up to a depth of 1 metre.

What I love about the Kaya: the shape. The Kaya combines my favourite features from the Soraya and the Ina. As you can see from the photo below, it has the length and shaft shape of my beloved Soraya but with the clitoral arm of the Ina. Although the vibrations aren’t quite as intense as my two favourite Lelo toys, they are deep, rumbly and more than enough to get the job done. Although I usually don’t like battery operated toys, I’ll make the exception here because the Kaya just works really well with my anatomy & feels awesome. The Kaya definitely gets the Skinny Dip stamp of approval!

L-R: Soraya, Kaya, Ina

Given the high quality and reasonable price point of this toy, the Picobong Kaya makes the perfect first vibrator. From now until Feb. 15th the Kaya is on sale for $62. 50, making it a great option for anyone who is looking to upgrade their current vibe to something more luxurious, without breaking the bank.

Now, here’s the best part! To help you kick the winter blues I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate to EdenFantasys to one lucky reader. To enter, please leave a comment & let me know what you’d like to treat yourself to from the website (some new sexy lingerie? Beauty and Body products? a discreet vibrator?) Get extra entries by following the prompts below.

I will pick a winner on February 14th!

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Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

This post was sponsored by EdenFantasys. I received the products and a gift certificate for free in exchange for my honest assessment of the products. All opinions are my own. 

I Was Hoping for Jimi Hendrix but Got Michael Bolton Instead

When the nice people at Rocks-Off Toys offered to send me one of their Rock-Chick vibes I was super excited. I remember seeing the Rock-Chick at Come as You Are a few years ago when I bought my first luxury vibrator and have been curious about it ever since. With a name like Rock-Chick I thought the toy sounded totally bad-ass.

I was hoping that my first toy review for 2013 to be something amazing & totally swoon worthy. For that reason, I really wanted to like this toy. However after trying it twice, I have mixed feelings about it.

Here’s the skinny on the  Rock-Chick massager:

Conceived as an alternative to the traditional rabbit vibrator, the Rock-Chick is a 100% body safe, dual function vibe made of silky smooth medical grade silicone. When inserted, the hooked end of the toy is meant to dig in to your g-spot, while the top ribbed portion sits directly on your clit.

The toy is powered by a removable, one speed, battery operated bullet vibrator and features approximately 4.5 inches of insertable length.   In theory, if you move this toy inside you with “gentle rocking motions” it will help simulate the feeling of having sex with a real, live, partner.

Once again in theory, the idea behind the Rock-Chick is great. I mean, simultaneous G-Spot and C-Spot sounds awesome right? However, my experience with the toy didn’t exactly “rock.”

Using this toy while lying on my back was a complete FAIL. In this position the toy didn’t line up with my anatomy at all. When inserted, the top half designed for clitoral stimulation reached halfway to my bellybutton – which, contrary to what a guy I slept with in college believed, is NOT where my clitoris is located. Secondly, this toy is meant to be “hands free” however, trying to use this toy without firmly holding on to it was like trying to attach a paper-clip to an enormous stack of papers. As soon as I let go, the Rock-Chick flew halfway across the bed. Luckily I was alone, or this thing could have seriously given someone a black eye!

Because the toy doesn’t actually have it’s own motor and is powered by a small removable bullet, I also found the vibrations were very weak. The vibrations did not travel well throughout the toy and were barely perceptible where it counts: on the tip designed for G-Spot stimulation.

With name like Rock Chick I was expecting orgasms of the same magnitude as Axel Rose trashing a hotel room, the kind of orgasms that would make even Mick Jagger blush… but alas, no dice. The experience left me wondering why this toy is popular in the first place. Was I missing something?

Determined to make it work, I went on the EdenFantasys to read about other people’s experience with the toy. One of the reviewers suggested for best results you should try using the toy while sitting up and/or grinding against a pillow or the side of the bed.

Although the thought of humping a pillow seemed kind of undignified, as someone who enjoys being on top, I have to admit I found the toy much more pleasurable in this position. The toy fit much better with my anatomy and the rocking motion created a pleasurable sensations, especially along the ridged section designed for C-Spot stimulation. However, there’s still something awkward about the design of this toy. After a few minutes of “rocking out” the ridged texture of the toy just became annoying and felt like it was digging into my pubic bone – not fun. 

I do think this toy would be really fun to use while pleasuring your partner orally. The vibrations are just enough of a tease to make things interesting while you uh, make things interesting for someone else. However, given the fact that I am still sifting through guys who own rotating tie racks and bizarre costume collections, I don’t see that scenario playing out any time in the super near future. Until then, in the toy box the Rock-Chick shall stay.

(Even if I did find myself in that situation, I think I’d probably grab the We-Vibe 3 – a smaller, more discreet toy with multiple vibration settings that I already know works really well with my anatomy.)

Edit: a couple of people asked me about the toy’s size. To give you an idea, here’s a photo of the Rock-Chick side by side with the We-Vibe and my favourite tube of NARS lipstick. 

While doing some research online, I learned that reviews of the Rock-Chick have been overwhelmingly mixed. Some people love it. Some people hate it. My opinion falls somewhere in the middle. If it fits with your anatomy, this toy has the potential to be awesome. However, if it doesn’t – like my experience – the toy simply doesn’t rock. 

The toy that was meant to make me feel like this:

Left me feeling more like this….

In other words, it wasn’t the epic guitar solo I was hoping for.

Has anyone else tried the Rock-Chick?

*I received the Rock-Chick free in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own. 

These Are Some of Favourite Things….

Making love on roses and panties on sex kittens
Bright silver dildos and vibrating mittens
Black and pink lace lingerie tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Pink coloured panties and crisp spanking paddles
Cock rings and geisha balls and locking suction handles
Orgasms that make you fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white negligees with blue satin sashes
Pretty makeup that stays on my lips and eyelashes
Silver white crotchless panties that make him melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When my love life bites
When the cold weather stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad!

Why yes, I do have a lot of favourite things!

As many of you know, another one of my favourite things is the show How I Met Your Mother. Recently I was watching the episode “Stamp Tramp” and it dawned on me that I give out my “stamp of approval” often on this blog – especially when it comes to the adult toys and sexy lingerie that I review on a regular basis. I try to always keep things positive and upbeat on this blog and I actually do really enjoy most of the products that I review. However, tis’ the season for looking back over the past year, so I thought I would share with you some of my very favourite products – the ones that I LOVE with a capital “L” and have recommended to my very best girlfriends. Some of my choices probably won’t surprise you however, some might!

1. The Lelo Insignia Soraya: I couldn’t finish off 2012 without giving one more shout-out to my favourite vibrator of all time. Finding a vibe that works for you is sometimes hit and miss, but this one fits the contours of my body perfectly and hits all of the right places…. again & again & again. You can read my original review of the toy here. The Lelo Insignia Soraya is everything that I look for in a luxury sex toy and then some: It’s body safe, rechargeable, beautifully designed and offers a wide variety of deep, powerful vibrations. If I had to choose a sex toy to take to a deserted island, it would be the Lelo Soraya because the experience is always amazing every single time.

2.  The Lelo Ina 2:  Whether you are looking to buy your first vibrator or update your toy collection, this is the go-to vibrator that I recommend to all my girlfriends. It includes all the features that you come to expect from Lelo products:  It’s body safe, rechargeable, beautifully designed and powerful. With the Ina 2.0, Lelo have updated their original design to include a more flexible clitoral arm and increased girth & length for a fuller experience; thus solving the minor issues I had with the Ina 1.0. Use it externally, internally or both at the same time…either way, you can’t go wrong with this one.

3. The We-Vibe Touch:  Although I’m not a huge fan of the We-Vibe 3 couples vibrator (I find it a bit awkward to use during sex), I absolutely love The We-Vibe Touch, their small clitoral vibrator. At 3.75 inches long, this little guy is roughly the size of a tube of lip gloss, however it’s surprisingly powerful. It has all the hallmarks of a toy box favourite: it’s made of body safe silicone, is rechargeable and fully waterproof (holla!) I know what you’re probably thinking, “Didn’t she say the exact same thing about the Jimmyjane Form 2 just a few weeks ago?!” Yes, I did more or less. Whereas I find the Form 2 almost too intense on some of the higher settings, the vibrations offered by the We-Vibe Touch are just perfect: deep, rumbling, but never uncomfortable. This is the perfect toy to use for extra stimulation while having sex with your partner or for squeal inducing foreplay/after-play. If you can past the fact that it looks like a goofy cartoon tongue, this toy is a real gem.

4. Cake Dry Shampoo:  The truth about being a freelance writer and working from home is that it involves a lot of unwashed hair. Given the option of meeting a deadline or hopping in the shower, I almost always chose to shower later. (I should put that on my resume: “will forgo bathing in favour of productivity”) Although I do shower daily (I swear!) I find my hair is way more manageable when I only wash it every 2-3 days. The Satin Sugar Hair and Body Powder by Cake is truly a godsend for people like me. The first time I used it I tested it on my hair that hadn’t been washed in 3 days. I shook out a small amount of powder, massaged it into my hair, focusing on the roots. It looked a bit chalky at first but within a few minutes it had turned my greasy, limp locks into tussled beachy waves that were delicately scented with just a hint of vanilla. This stuff is kind of magic. 

(It comes in a formula for both light and dark hues. I obviously used the dark on my hair)

5. Striped boy shorts by Oh La La Cheri :  I discovered the Oh La La Cheri line of lingerie this summer and fell in love with their pretty and affordable lingerie. My favourite piece by them are these cute boy shorts. With pinstripes and revealing white lace, these panties are all business in the front and a cheeky party in the back.

I was so excited when these arrived in the mail that I immediately showed my Mom. She looked at them and said, “The black tie thing kind of makes me think of…chicken” Then she explained what she had in mind:

I’ve since dubbed these my Colonel Saunders panties. As disturbing as that analogy is, I do have to admit they look really, really good on. One might even say “finger lickin’ good” – the Colonel’s words, not mine.

If you are interested in checking out the rest of my favourites, I’ve created an area on my righthand sidebar that features my “must-have” sexy products. It will be updated regularly as I discover new gems!

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust!

This post was brought to you by EdenFantasys. I received a gift certificate to fund the expansion of my already exploding lingerie drawer in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll. 

Do you have any favourite products you’ve discovered this year? Do share!

Review | Size Doesn’t Matter: Meet the Jimmyjane Form 2

There’s nothing like coming home after being away for a month to find new sex toys waiting for you!

Trying a toy made by the iconic company Jimmyjane has been on my “to-do” list for a while. I was super thrilled when Katrina from Ohhh Canada offered to send me my very own Jimmy Jane Form 2 vibrator to review for you guys (Thanks Katrina!!). Small in stature and shaped like a pair of bunny ears, this little vibe is quite the superstar. The Jimmyjane Form 2 won the Fleshbot Sex Toy of the Year Award in 2010, is the recipient of an International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) and was honoured by the The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies for Best New Product Design 2010. Good looking and an overachiever?! You almost want to hate her except she gives you really, really great orgasms.


Review of Jimmyjane Form 2

The Jimmyjane Form 2 is a luxury vibe par excellence – extremely powerful, and extremely well made. Designed to be used externally as a clitoral stimulator, the Form 2 has TWO motors (one in each “ear”) which allow it to offer vibrations and pulsating patterns with intensity unlike any other toy on the market. This is all very impressive considering the toy is barely taller than a tube of lipstick.

Before I tried the Form 2, I initially wrote it off as “just another clitoral vibrator” but was I wrong! The Form 2 packs some very serious punch. What’s interesting about this toy is that different areas of the toy offer different sensations. You can use one ear or two, just the tips or gently pinch your clit between the ears, for a sensation that feels pretty freaking amazing.Jimmyjane Form 2

The toy features 4 different vibration modes (I’m personally a fan of the “pulsating” vibration settings) and 5 different power levels that range from pleasant to extremely intense. As someone who usually has to crank their toys to the max, the 2nd level of the Form 2 is more than enough to get me off…and then some. Here’s a breakdown of how I experienced the different levels of the Form 2:

Level 1: “This feels nice”

Level 2: “Oh yesssssss”


Level 4: “OMFG WTF”


I noticed that there’s a huge jump in intensity from level 2 to level 3, with the higher levels being extremely intense and well, kind of insane. Need a lot of stimulation to get off? The Form 2 has got you covered.

I should also note that not only is the Form 2 free of phthalates and made of body safe silicone, it’s also completely waterproof which means you can take it with into the bath or shower – either alone or with a buddy (woo hoo!) It’s also completely rechargeable and comes with a cute little recharging dock.

Review of Jimmyjane Form 2

My Form 2 next to my beloved NARS “Red Lizard” lipstick.

Who I would recommend this toy to: 

– Owners of lacklustre vibrators who are looking for a serious upgrade.

– People who enjoy strong vibrations and/or already own something like the Hitachi Magic Wand but want something smaller and with more finesse.

-Couples! The Form 2 is ultra discreet and non-phallic looking, which makes it the perfect toy to introduce into your bedroom play. A lot of women aren’t able to come from penetration alone. The Form 2 is great to use while you go down on your partner, or while you have sex doggy style (or in any other position really!) You can also use it to stimulate male parts, nipples and other erogenous zones!

-Anyone who wants a well-rounded clitoral vibrator that’s beautifully designed, ultra discrete, has lots of vibration options, and comes with a three year warrantee.

At $129 the Jimmyjane Form 2 is on the slightly more expensive side, however as someone who has amassed quite the toy collection I would say that it’s worth it’s price tag. This toy is sure to make you feel good things in your bathing suit area. The Form 2 has now joined the ranks of my Lelo toys as one of my favourite playthings.

Has anyone else tried the Form 2? What did you think?

The Jimmyjane Form 2 was provided to me by Ohhh Canada  free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product. All opinions and awkward anecdotes are my own. PS. If you’re looking to score some awesome deals, make sure you check out Ohhh Canada’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals! (Lelo products, lingerie and premium lube for cheap…um, count me in!)


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