Review | Oh La La Cheri Black Lace Chemise

I’m so excited to share with you guys one of my new favourite pieces of lingerie! Everyone, meet the Black Lace Chemise by Oh la la Cheri. When the cool folks over at Lovehoney offered to send me this beauty to review I was super psyched. A lot of my sexy lingerie is super structured (think corsets and bustiers) so I was looking forward to trying a softer look. This gorgeous lace chemise definitely didn’t disappoint.

Black Lace Chemise by Oh la la Cheri is made entirely of ultra soft, black stretch lace & mesh. Although it has a seam along the bust for definition, there is no underwire, padding or lining. It’s just soft black lace against your skin…and the effect is super sexy!

This chemise features adjustable straps that are trimmed with cute bow details, a delicate lace ruffle along the hem and comes with a black mesh thong.

photo-24Two words to describe this set: soft and comfortable.

I’m not sure where they found the lace to make this set, but I imagine it was spun by tiny faeries because it feels absolutely amazing to the touch. The material is super soft and delightfully stretchy, making for a very comfortable garment (I tried it on the other day and didn’t want to take it off!)

When it comes to affordable sexy lingerie brands, Oh La La Cheri is by far one of my favourites. I have several of their bra and panty sets which I really love. So, I’m not surprised that I love this set too.


As I mentioned before, the set comes with a matching black thong. However, unlike previous thong fails, you can actually wear this one comfortably. It’s made of the same super soft stretchy material as the chemise, has sturdy but soft and stretchy straps and a cotton gusset.

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How To Throw a Classy & Sexy Bachelorette Party

My best friend is getting married in 12 days (!!!!), so a few weeks ago I hosted her “Non-Bachelorette Party” with a couple of her close lady friends. This is my friend’s second marriage. The first time around we organized your typical bachelorette party complete with tiaras, embarrassing costumes and lots of phallic shaped items – including an exploding penis cake. Minus hiring a stripper, you could say we pulled out all the stops. If you’re curious, you can see some of the physical evidence here. It’s not pretty. We were young, wide eyed and had less qualms about drinking cocktails out of things shaped like dicks. After all, a party ain’t a party unless an erotic cake is squirting out white icing across the room, right?

As much as I’m always down for crowd-surfing an inflatable man doll and all things reminiscent of penises, I’m relieved that my friend wanted to do something completely different this time around. In fact, I had to convince her to have any kind of party whatsoever. After some cajoling, we agreed that  “a small, classy night out with a couple of ladies” might be nice. (FYI, I’m so glad that she agreed to some kind of shindig because she and her fiancee are wonderful people, and that deserves to be celebrated!)

So, I booked a table at North 48 – a stylish and cozy local restaurant that reminds me of my BFF and set about making the cute little goodie bags/boxes you see below. Originally the plan was to fill them with naughty adult items – condoms, lube samplers – all the fun things I have lying around in excess as a sex and relationship blogger. However, here’s the thing: although I know my friend’s other girlfriends, I don’t know them that well. Plus, there was going to be 1 or 2 new faces there and the last thing I wanted was their first impression of me to be, “Hey, I don’t know you very well, but please have some lube.” (I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time, but still..)

Ohhh bachelorette header
Instead I opted to fill the goodie bags with nail-polishes that match the wedding colours and cute ring-pops. The funny thing –  I think people were more surprised that they weren’t filled with lube & other sassy items than if they were, ha! Oh well, you have to keep people guessing 😉

Either way, the goodie bags were a success, the night went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! We had lots of delicious drinks and some insanely good gourmet chicken and waffles, curtesy of the chefs of North 48. As you can tell by our smiling faces, good times were had by all!


What I learned from this experience:

Bachelorette parties can be totally cheesy, but they don’t have to be.  Also, planning a good bachelorette party in your 30’s feels totally different than when you’re in your 20’s. However, just because you’re older and wiser, it doesn’t mean that your night can’t be fun & sexy. 

Coincidentally, shortly after we celebrated my best friend’s “Non-Bachelorette Party” here on the West Coast, one of my favourite companies, Ohhh Canada, hosted their own exclusive “bachelorette” party in Toronto. The idea was to showcase what a bachelorette party SHOULD look like for a classic, sophisticated, stylish city girl. On the agenda for the night:

(If you’re not familiar with Ohhh Canada, they’ve been featured in NOW Magazine as PRIDE’s Store of the Week , Best of Toronto, ELLE Canada and numerous times on Skinny Dip (here & here & here & here to name a few!) I love that they are a female owned, sex positive company that is also 100% Canadian. I met the CEO Katrina McKay at a party a few years ago & the rest is history (BTW, Katrina totally rocks.))

I wasn’t able to attend the party in Toronto, so I sent my lovely friend Cristina from Shoe Tease (you may remember her from the photos she took of my shoe closet a few years ago) in my place to capture the evening. Below you’ll find some tips from Katrina on how to throw a sophisticated & sexy bachelorette party, as well as some photos from the night. I hope you enjoy!

Ohhh Bachelorette
Warning: more lingerie, champagne, general sexiness ahead !

Lingerie Review | Retro High Waisted Knicker & Bra Set by Rene Rofe

When asked to describe my personal style, my best friend said without hesitation, “Bold!” It’s true – when it comes to what I put on my body, I don’t like to fade into the background. With that said, I love bright colours and eye-catching prints as much as I love basic black (I’m pretty sure my alter ego is a goth.) My main criteria for things I love is that they are bold in their simplicity – whether that’s a Pucci print mini-dress or classic black pencil skirt, is completely negotiable.

So, you may have noticed that my past few lingerie reviews have been very bright, pink and full of bells & whistles. I recognize that not everyone loves neon pink satin and lace as much as I do, so I thought it would be fun to mix it up and review something that’s a bit more subdued. Luckily the awesome people at Lovehoney offered to send me this gorgeous black lace retro-inspired bra and knicker set from Rene Rofe to try.

Rene Rofe 1
The Retro High Waisted Knicker & Bra Set by Rene Rofe  is a sheer, black stretch lace sexy lingerie set that includes a soft cup bra and matching boys-cut bottoms with a cute hook and eye detail. The triangle bra features adjustable straps and a hook & eye closure at the back.

Although I’ve reviewed my fair share of lingerie, Rene Rofe was one of those brands that I was familiar with but had never tried. I’d read mixed reviews from other bloggers about the Rene Rofe line, so I was super curious to see if the actual lingerie held up to the sexiness of their product photos.

And voila! Here is what the Retro High Waisted Knicker & Bra Set by Rene Rofe looks like in person. As you can tell from the photo, there isn’t much to this set. It’s very sleek and minimal. I wasn’t sure what to expect fabric wise (would it be stiff? itchy? cheap feeling?), however I’m happy to report that the set is made of shockingly soft stretch lace. It’s a 90% nylon, 10% spandex blend that feels really great against the skin.

One word to describe this set: comfortable.

The fit of the bra is similar to a string bikini top and features lace that is completely sheer. As a 32 DD, the size small in this set fit my bust, but it was definitely really revealing! Not in a bad way though. Although the bra doesn’t offer much support (I think one would be more apt to call this a “bralette” rather than a bra), it’s super comfortable and feels like you’re wearing almost nothing at all. Although I wouldn’t wear the bra under most clothes, this is a set that I could easily lounge around in or wear in the bedroom because it is so comfy.

Now, let’s get a close up of those panties! Like the bra, the panties feel great on and feature a really cute hook & eye detail. There’s also a cotton gusset which means you could easily wear these panties all day & night. I wore these under a dress for a night out with my friends & experienced no chafing, pulling or wedgie action. Hooray! Also, they just feel damn sexy.

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Show & Tell | Pink Satin, Orange Lace & Spring Blossoms.

The Spring of 2014 will be remembered as “The Season of All The Pink Lingerie” From hot pink to deep magenta, a bunch of my favourite companies have come out with some gorgeous lingerie pieces in yes, you guessed it – pink – for this season. Just recently, I reviewed the Yes Master Bra & Thong Set and the Charnos Cherub Bra – both of which are awesome. Now, I have another gorgeous set to add into the mix.

Meet the Bluebella “Millie” Satin and Lace Bra and “Millie” Shorts. When I found out the lovely people at Lovehoney were going to send me this bra & panty set to review, I was tickled pink – literally. Looking at the photos, I could tell right away that this lingerie pairing was right up my alley. The Millie Bra & Shorts have a sexy, retro inspired look that I love, plus it totally looks like the kind of set you could easily wear everyday. Also, after reviewing this camisole and shorts set, I’m a big fan of Bluebella products.

One of the first things I noticed when I received these two pieces, was how bright and richly vibrant they are in person. The product photos really don’t do them justice. Both the bra and the shorts are made of a “Skinny Dip”-ish bright pink satin material trimmed with orange lace. Some people may find the combination of orange and pink garish, however I really like it. It works. It’s bright & fun & kind of reminds me of a sunset.

Cut like a pair of cheeky boy-short panties, the Millie Shorts are made of ultra soft pink mesh material with a seamed, pink satin panel on the front. The front panel definitely gives them a unique look. When I first took the panties out their box, my ever-critical sister was in the room and remarked, “UGH! What is up with the  stitching on the front?! It looks like a jock-strap!” Originally I thought these panties were really pretty, however as soon as she mentioned the word “jock-strap” that was all I could think of. JOCK STRAP. JOCK STRAP. JOCK STRAP.

I’m glad I got that out of my system though, because as it turns out, these panties totally rock. I was worried that because of the design, they’d give me a frontal wedgie. However, these are some of the most comfortable panties I have ever owned. I’m happy to report that there is zero wedgie action (in the front or back) and they don’t look anything like a male protective undergarment when on. Hooray! Here’s a close up of the panties.

I was equally as impressed with the Millie Satin and Lace Bra. It’s made of the same pink satin material as the panties and is trimmed with lovely orange lace. It’s very lightly padded and has an underwire.

Like the panties, the bra has some unique details that really sets it apart from the crowd. The v-patterned stitching on the cups of the bra give it a luxe, vintage-y feel that I totally love. Look at those perfect V’s on the cups! I swoon.

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Show & Tell | Lingerie That Will Make You Say “Yes Master!”

I spend an inordinate amount of time online looking at beautiful lingerie. The fact that I have a Pinterest board called “Lacey, Racy and Gorgeous” is proof of this. There’s something about nice lingerie – in particular lingerie with a vintage, retro vibe – that I find really beautiful. Although I’m a general admirer of all things lacy and gorgeous, ever so often I’ll see a lingerie piece that makes me go, “OMG, I MUST HAVE THAT ON MY BODY!”

This was my exact reaction when I first laid eyes on the gorgeous La Luna Bra & Thong set by Yes Master while browsing one of my favourite websites, Ohhh Canada. I’m not sure if it’s the 1950’s pin-up meets bondage styling of the set or the fact that it matches my blog (After all, one should always match one’s underwear to one’s blog. Just kidding. Unless you’re me.) but I have been smitten with this set ever since. Because the people at  Ohhh Canada really are wonderful, they kindly offered to send me my very own set to try. (Thank you!!) One word to describe this bra and panty set now that I have it in my hands: luxurious. The La Luna Bra & Thong set by Yes Master is made of ultra soft bright pink stretch silk with black mesh trim & straps. Although silk is one of my favourite fabrics for clothing, I’ve never actually owned any silk lingerie…but let me just say, it’s a real treat. The texture is amazing, the colour is incredibly vivid and it just feels super amazing against the skin- I love it!

One of the reasons this set looks so unique is because it is made by edgy, fashion forward (& cheekily named) UK lingerie label, Yes Master. Described as a “cult” designer lingerie label, Yes Master was conceived in 2005 by Igor Pacemski, a chemist turned designer. When it comes to creating head-turning, vintage-inspired lingerie with and edgy, modern twist, clearly Pacemski knows how to combine the right elements. From wild colours, feathers, to this collection Ziggy Stardust lingerie (that I can’t help but think my pal Apocalypstick would love…), Yes Master seems particularly adept at making lingerie that’s the perfect mix of sexy and downtown cool. Previous collections have been described as “Silver Screen and Rock’n’Roll Dreams” which I think sums up their aesthetic perfectly.

To give you an idea, here are a few other looks from Yes Master – one of which is a previous version of the La Luna set in a blue colour scheme. (And yes, I added a heart to disguise a nip slip in an attempt to keep this vaguely work-friendly.)

When it comes to my gorgeous neon La Luna set, both the bra and the underwear are made really beautifully. As you can see, the bra features really cool retro-inspired seam detailing on the cups with a black mesh overlay. The straps are comfortably thick and are also trimmed in black velvet.

The thong features an asymmetrical mesh insert pattern which makes it really unique. And, unlike some of the thongs I’ve reviewed in the past, this thong is super comfy and the kind of piece you could easily wear everyday. Yay!

Here’s another close-up of the gorgeous seam detailing on the bra. I love the intricate and unique design of this set.

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