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Summer and the City Giveaway

As promised a giveaway!

If you are female and write about relationships or sex, it’s inevitable that at some point someone will compare you to Carrie Bradshaw. This happens to me a lot. On the surface I can totally see why: Writer. Curly hair. Disturbingly extensive shoe collection. Bizarre dating stories. Knack for wearing questionable accessories. Carrie reminds me a lot of the girl I was ten years: slightly flighty, hopeless romantic, permanently hung up on unavailable Mr. Big types. I’d like to think I’ve evolved from a romantic idealist to a romantic realist. I’m snarkier, more grounded – I’m now more of a Miranda (minus the often unflattering designer ethnic-boho wardrobe). Besides, the life of a freelance writer looks a lot less like this:

{Staring wistfully at the computer in your Manolos and jacket made of sheared Muppet}

and a lot more like this:

I clean up well but in general there’s a lot of unwashed hair, wearing pajamas during the day and greasy take-out from one of the many taco places near my house. I’m guessing Carrie Bradshaw never had to deal with nacho stains on her MacBook.

So, it’s kind of ironic that I am giving away a copy of this:

Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell the latest installment in the Carrie Diaries – (the Sex and the City prequel series).

The book follows Carrie’s first summer in New York City, telling the story of how she becomes a writer, loses her virginity and meets Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

I read the book this summer & enjoyed it – it was a light, fun read. I’ve always liked Bushnell’s writing and I think she does a good job at transporting the reader back to early 80’s NYC. It’s great guilty pleasure reading.

To win the book you just have to comment on this entry. Contest ends September 29th.

Extra entries will be given for:

1) Liking Skinny Dip on Facebook (if you, please let me know your initials so I can cross check)

2) Every time you tweet: “Hey @by_simone I want to win a copy of Candace Bushnell’s “Summer and the City” http://su.pr/2NWMqk

Good Luck! xox


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