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Skinny Dip does L.A


I’m going to LA!

Annnnd, I’m leaving in less than 24 hours!

Yes, this is all kind of crazy and it all came about Sunday night while I was on the phone with BF. He’s going to be in LA this weekend for work (on his way home from China). He goes to California every year around this time. Its always a bit torturous because usually I am stuck in Toronto, dealing with still slightly chilly spring weather while he’s out frolicking in the sun. THIS YEAR (for the first time in 4 years) I will be joining him. He surprised me with the ticket while we were on the phone the other night. I’m so excited, I’m practically jumping out of my pants. But don’t worry. I am still wearing pants. Going pant-less in public is never OK in my books.

I’ve always had a romantic fascination with LA. So many of my favorite books, movies & TV shows take place in LALA land (or at least So-Cal). I’m going to land of Weetzie Bat! The L-word! Veronica Mars! Californication! Pretty in Pink! The birthplace of Gangsta Rap! And the list goes on. I’ve been to California (San Francisco, Carmel, Monterey, Big Sur), but never LA. The question now is…what do I pack? What does one wear in So-Cal in Spring?

I’ve been thinking about this for the past few days and figured it was a good excuse to make a fashion collage for you guys (because I haven’t done one in a few months).

The inspiration behind Today’s collage? Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in the 1991 movie LA Story. If you’ve seen the movie, you’d remember “SanDeE” and her famous introduction to Steve Martin’s character: “That’s Big S, little A, little N, big D, little E, big E. She was your quintessential early 90’s California girl. She liked “spinning” (literally, in circles). She was a bit clueless but she was also sunkissed, free-spirited and sweet. Throughout the movie she’s dressed in comfortable, body concious clothes (bike shorts, cropped tops, tube skirts and Keds). Oddly enough, I’ve kind of had a fashion craving for this whole look. I don’t think I will EVER wear bike shorts in public again (for me that trend died in middle school) but, this month I have embraced two other (slightly scary) early 90’s inspired trends: JEGGINGS and FLORAL LEGGINGS (Yes. You heard right. Floral Leggings. FLEGGINGS? Definitely the scarier of the two). Anyways, these are elements that have inspired my 4 day mini-LA wardrobe. I call it SanDeE Remixed”

What will be in my suitcase- (Left-Right)

1. My leather motorcycle jacket (because I’ve heard LA nights are chilly)
2. Some cheesy reading material for the plane/beach (yes, that IS Lauren Conrad’s book. I’m actually bringing her SECOND book because I’ve already read the first one. I’ll pause so that you can make fun of me now.)
3. A colorful tote bag to bring to the beach (I’m also bringing my black Longchamp bag)
4. Paige Denim Jeggings. I just bought these a few weeks ago. They fit AMAZING and really don’t look or feel like “leggings”. They look and feel like tight (yet comfortable) jeans.
5. Talula black bustier tank-top ( a good transition from day to night piece)
6. A couple of loose white T-shirts (a wardrobe staple of mine)
7. One of two of my Tiny Ocean statement necklaces (also a good day to night piece)
8. A light colored bustier tank (for walking around in the sun)
9. A body con tube skirt (mine is floral but similar to the one above)
10. Black studded gladiator sandals
11. White Keds. I never thought I would be taking shoe style cues from Sookie Stackhouse but, its happening.
12. My “Airplane Outfit” (What I’m wearing tomorrow morning) Talula Floral leggings & black cotton bustier tank with my Wilfred Cocoon sweater. (I feel a tiny bit like Peggy Bundy in these leggings but, I think I can make it work if I wear flats)
13. Sunglasses. Obviously not the ones pictured. I’m going to go with my stand-by Marc by Marc Jacobs pair.
14. A pair of high heel gladiators (not pictured) so I can transition those jean outfits from day to night.

What do you guys think? I’m trying to keep everything as mix and match as possible since I’m only bringing a carry-on.

Another awesome little thing about my trip: Thursday night I’m going to be meeting up with Vibrations of a Vixen
for happy-hour! This is very exciting! I’ve been reading her blog for awhile and totally admire her honesty and unapoletic no-holds barred approach to blogging. The fact that she actually wants to meet ME is pretty awesome & flattering.

I will try and tweet while I am there so that you can follow my adventures @by_simone.

Does anyone else have any LA related wardrobe suggestions?

Would you wear any of these trends?


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