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Skinny Dip Condoms are Here!

I’m SO SO excited about this (insert a million exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!) The project that started off as a dream (a creative vision really..) has finally come to fruition. Skinny Dip condoms are here!

Wait. WHAT?! Let’s back things up:

It all started sometime before I went to Bloggers in Sin City last year. The first conversation I had with Almie of  Apocalypstick before we met in Vegas was about the faux condom ad on my sidebar (see below).

She sent me a message that went something like this:


I had to tell her that alas, the Skinny Dip condoms weren’t a real thing, they were just a drawing that my then boyfriend had made for me while we were fooling around on the computer one night. However, after I got over the initial excitement of  “Omg, one of my favorite bloggers just emailed me!!!” I started thinking:  I’m all about playing safe. Wouldn’t it be cool to have my own branded condoms? Isn’t that like the ultimate sex and relationship blogger’s dream?! I could hand them out as business cards! I’m sure some people already think I’m totally depraved just because I write about sex, why not fuel the fire?! They would be perfect to bring to Bloggers in Sin City . Plus, I love good DIY project. Just like that time I made the Katy Perry cupcake bra, I knew I wouldn’t be able to rest until I figured out how to make this happen.

Everything came together when the fabulous folks over at Sticker You emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in receiving some free stickers of my blog logo. Suddenly I knew how I was going to make the Skinny Dip condoms! Thanks to Sticker You I’m now the proud owner of my very own blog branded condoms & now I’m ready to share how I did it.

Here’s a step by step DIY tutorial: 

1. I started with the sheet of glossy stickers Sticker You sent me. The color was vivid and they were super glossy . Perfect!

 2. The next thing I needed to do was go out and buy some condoms. I chose the Lifestyle “Natural Feeling” brand because they were on sale and have used them before and was happy with the results. While I was out shopping with my Mom I told her that I needed to make a pit stop at the drugstore to pick up the items required to finish my “art project.” Her reply:  “You’re going to have to go in alone. If you’re buying those I don’t want to be seen with you” (As much my Mom and I are alike, it’s times like this where I wonder how we are related)

(When I opened up the package I realized the condom wrappers were also Skinny Dip pink. Total coincidence.)

3. Next, I peeled off the first sticker.

4. I flipped the sticker over so the sticky side was facing me & attached the condom.

5. I grabbed another sticker and placed it on top. I gently pressed around the edges, ensuring the two stickers were attached, sealing the “condom package”

6. TA-DA!  Skinny Dip condoms for all!!!

I made 12 condom packs from four sticker sheets. I need to make at least another 50 to have enough to hand out in Vegas. So, here’s the question I never thought I’d have to ask:

Does anyone know where I can buy condoms in bulk?!

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