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Sitting Pretty

Since I shared with you the other day what I’ve been wearing to bed lately, I thought I would give you a glimpse of where I sit to get ready every morning. For the longest time I’ve fantasized about having my own boudoir/dressing area that was clean, modern & feminine.

Now thanks to a trip to Ikea, an Allen key & some handiwork, I finally am on my way to having the space I’ve been dreaming of.

{Where I get ready in the morning}

It’s still a work in progress, but so far I like the results. The folding plastic Ikea chair is just a stand-in until I find something prettier. I’m thinking either a Mid-Century Modern chair with turquoise accents or a chic ottoman. I’d also like to add more original art-work and some kind of luxe jewellery box. I’ve made a inspiration board so you can see what I have in mind. What do you guys think?

{Time for a close-up!}

{Some of my daily essentials L-R}

1. Notebooks (For making lists & writing down ideas for posts)
2. The Lush Matreoshka set that Megan gave me ( it makes the room smell nice)
3. iPhone (in a pink TNA phone case – purchased for cheap from my old workplace)
4. iPod shuffle (for the gym & walking to work – because I hate having to take off my gloves when its cold outside to change the song on my iPhone)
4. Essie & Rimmel nail-polish (I like both line’s fresh & modern colors)
5. Reading material (my favorite magazine)
6. Silver jewelery (I’m almost always wearing some kind of silver pendant. Sometimes its a heart, sometimes its a cross, lately its an Eiffel tower)
7. A holiday card from Kate of Suburban Sweetheart (thank you!)

{Modern Matryeoshka dolls. These are actually measuring cups but, I use them to store jewelery}

{One of my favorite Christmas gifts La Petite Tour Eiffel – the only piece of Tiffany jewellery I’ve seen and instantly fallen in love with. Je T’aime! }

It feels so nice to finally have a space that is pretty & girly & completely mine. I think this little nook is my new favorite corner of my apartment.
What’s your favorite corner of your home?
PS. The blog is still a little messed up from last week. If you’re looking to read older posts, please click here. Thanks!


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