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New Sex and Relationship Podcast and Newsletter (Where Find Me!)

In 2009, I started this blog because I wanted a place to tell stories and process the romantic wreckage of my twenties and later, thirties. I chose the name Skinny Dip because I thought it was a good metaphor for writing about your life online – it’s naked and risky but it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Over the past few years, however, this blog has stopped feeling like home. 

Lately, I’ve been craving community and connection. To borrow from my previous metaphor, if I’m going to be figuratively skinny dipping, I want to do it at a private pool, not the public beach. If you want to find me, I’ve launched Love, Peace & Tacos, a bi-weekly newsletter where I share personal stories, sexy product recommendations, travel tips, and insights into my life as a full-time writer. I hope you subscribe here 💓

I’ve also launched a podcast! 

For a couple of years, I’ve wanted to bring the stories from Skinny Dip to audio and We’re Never Doing This Again does just that. If you loved the OG days of my blog, you’ll likely enjoy the podcast! Each week I bring on a different talented guest to discuss an array of hilarious dating mishaps and hijinx. So far we’ve covered a date who lied about stabbing people (!!) (with Almie Rose), a weird weekend at a single’s camp in the woods (with Casey Palmer), and the peaks and valleys of dating in a small town (with Peter DeWolf). 

It’s a fun time and I hope you join me on this journey!


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