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It’s no secret that I love leopard print. I wear my beloved leopard print pyjamas so much that my family actually staged an intervention. Between my pyjamas, lingerie, a dress, some smoking slippers, a gorgeous purse and a pair of zebra print Michael Kors pumps, my closet is starting to look like a safari. It’s not just me – log on to Pinterest and you’ll find tons of animal print pieces for Fall. Lately, I’ve been looking for something just a bit sexier than my usual animal print pyjamas, so I was super thrilled when Lingerie Canada offered to send me this gorgeous leopard print Kimono, Bralette and Thong Set by Dreamgirl (Thank you!!)

I like to joke around with people that because of my Eastern European heritage, it’s my birthright to wear as much animal print as possible. When done right, a touch of animal print can look really chic. In fact, this quote by Jenna Lyons, the president and creative director of J. Crew, is pretty much my whole fashion philosophy in a nutshell. If the tastemakers at J. Crew give their thumbs up, it must be OK, right?!

With that said, when it comes to animal prints, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. To avoid looking like you’re ready to party with the cast of Jersey Shore, it all comes down to moderation. Although I loved how the lingerie set looked in the product photos, I was worried that maybe a leopard print robe and matching underwear might be too loud. However when I received the set in the mail (and tore open the package excitedly – yay, new underwear!), I was very pleasantly surprised.


The Kimono set set comes with a lace bralette, a lace boys-cut thong and a sheer, animal print chiffon robe. Both the bralette and the thong are made of scalloped stretch lace and trimmed in silky, chiffon leopard print. The bralette has adjustable straps and a hook & eye closure in the back.

No one enjoys nipple itch, so I am happy to report that the lace on the bra is ultra soft and not at all scratchy. Same goes for the thong – it’s actually really comfortable. The lace is super soft and there is zero awkward wedgie action. Unlike some thongs that come with lingerie sets, this thong is anything but flimsy. The boys-cut/hipster style is very comfortable and actually looks & feels super sexy on.

In my opinion there are both “good” and “bad” animal prints. I was pleased to discover the print on the robe was really nice. It’s made of a sheer chiffon material and drapes really nicely.

I love that the bralette and panties are so comfy that I could easily wear them everyday. Although the bralette doesn’t provide that much support (especially if you’re on the bustier side) it’s perfect for wearing around the house while I work and would also look super cute paired with some of my summer tanks that dip low around the arms. Note: I’m a 32C and while I found the bra supportive enough for lounging at home and light wear, women with larger busts might prefer a robe set that comes with an underwire bra or more support.

The robe is super comfortable as well, however it is pretty sheer. Since we’re heading into the colder months in Canada (or “Snuggie Weather” as I like to call it), I will probably save the robe for special occasions or warmer weather.


Now for the moment of truth. What does it look like on?!


This set was a bit tricky to photograph because both the bra and the panties are sheer lace, which means you see a lot. Instead of wearing the panties and to give the photos a retro-vibe, I paired the set with a pair of high-waisted bathing suit bottoms from none other than J. Crew.

I really love this set. Other than the fact that one of the ribbons sewn inside (to help hang the garment) was slightly loose upon arrival, I can’t really think of any negatives about this set. I love how the robe hangs and how I feel in the lingerie. Although I usually wear underwire bras, I made an interesting discovery: I actually feel really sexy in sheer lace bralette! This Kimono set is definitely one of my favourite lingerie pieces I’ve reviewed in 2013.

Lastly, I love that this set can be purchased from a Canadian owned company. Based in Montreal, Lingerie Canada has been in business for 10 years and offers over 3000 different lingerie items. If you need to refresh your collection of sexy lingerie, or explore some styles you may have never tried before, they’ve got you covered! I’ve also spent quite a bit of time emailing back and forth with the owners who are super cool and great to work with 🙂

 This review was generously brought to you by Lingerie Canada. I received this piece free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll. Thank you Lingerie Canada! 

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