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Show & Tell | Ruffles, Lace & Bedhead

As a lingerie addict who is trying to stick to a budget, I’m always on the lookout for affordable, cute lingerie that’s also nice quality. I was super excited when I stumbled across Blue Bella Lingerie – a lingerie line from the UK. Their pieces are gorgeous and sexy, without being over the top. Most of the pieces have that vintage inspired look that I love so much.

I was thrilled when the nice people at Lovehoney offered to send me one of their pieces to try out. The whole line is really pretty so it was hard to pick just one piece, however I eventually settled on this Anais Cami & Shorts Set. As someone who often blogs about things like oral sex simulators, this may seem like a really “safe” choice, however I’m really happy I chose this set. As I’ve mentioned before, I love sleeping in lacy, sexy things. Even if I’m sleeping alone, wearing something comfortable that’s also pretty makes me feel good. This is the kind of set that I could easily wear solo or with someone else.

The Anais Cami & Shorts Set is made of crinkled, light pink, sheer polyester trimmed in black lace. The camisole is lined with a silky soft non-crinkly fabric which makes the piece ultra-comfortable. The shorts are not lined, but instead feature two thin layers of the crinkle fabric which meet at the bottom to create the ruffle effect. The shorts are a “hipster” cut which means they sit comfortably below the belly button.

Although the shorts have a built in cotton gusset (which means you could wear them as panties if you wanted to), I still prefer to wear them with a pair of my favourite hipster or boy-shorts for sleeping. The shorts are quite sheer, so unless you live alone, with your partner or are trying to establish your reputation as the roommate/family member that’s always flashing everyone, you’ll probably want to pair them with some panties! For the purpose of this post, I wore a pair of black bathing suit bottoms underneath.

I really like this lingerie set. It’s fun, flirty and just slightly retro. Although it’s named “Anais” (I assume after the famous French writer?) this sleep set feels way less like 1930’s Paris, and more like a toned down version of something Barbara Streisand would have worn in The Owl and the Pussycat or the girls from Grease would have worn at one of their sleepovers.

In other words, it’s the kind of thing I imagine guys think we wear at sleepovers when really we’re rocking our flannel PJ’s.

To give you guys an idea of what the set looks like in person, I snapped a few photos last Sunday before heading out to meet my Dad for Father’s Day brunch. Since I rarely wear makeup and do my hair on the weekends, the theme of this DIY photo-shoot is “bed-head.”

Et, voila! Although I look a little depressed in this photo, I’m actually really excited about the forgiving cut of this camisole. I did a lot of eating and drinking in Vegas, and I’m still trying to get my abs back in shape. This top cleverly disguises any tummy insecurities you may have.

As you can tell from the photo below, this set was way more ruffly in person than it is in the product photo. The ruffles are fun, however if you are trying to draw attention away from your hips, they do create a lot of extra volume in that area. On the flip side, if you want to create more curves, this outfit will definitely do the trick.

Whenever I’d stay in hotels with my parents as a kid, my favourite thing was jumping up and down on the ultra-bouncy hotel beds. I’m pretty sure it drove my parents nuts. Sorry Mom.

Overall, I give this lingerie set by Blue Bella two Skinny Dip thumbs up. I love the gorgeous pink and black colour combo, I feel cute in it and it’s comfortable. The problem? Now I want to try everything Blue Bella makes. Ahhhh!

Thank you Lovehoney for this review and for fuelling the fire of my lingerie addiction 🙂

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*I received this garment free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions and awkward confessions about over eating in Vegas are my own because that’s how I roll. 

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