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Show & Tell | Lingerie That Will Make You Say “Yes Master!”

I spend an inordinate amount of time online looking at beautiful lingerie. The fact that I have a Pinterest board called “Lacey, Racy and Gorgeous” is proof of this. There’s something about nice lingerie – in particular lingerie with a vintage, retro vibe – that I find really beautiful. Although I’m a general admirer of all things lacy and gorgeous, ever so often I’ll see a lingerie piece that makes me go, “OMG, I MUST HAVE THAT ON MY BODY!”

This was my exact reaction when I first laid eyes on the gorgeous La Luna Bra & Thong set by Yes Master while browsing one of my favourite websites, Ohhh Canada. I’m not sure if it’s the 1950’s pin-up meets bondage styling of the set or the fact that it matches my blog (After all, one should always match one’s underwear to one’s blog. Just kidding. Unless you’re me.) but I have been smitten with this set ever since. Because the people at  Ohhh Canada really are wonderful, they kindly offered to send me my very own set to try. (Thank you!!) One word to describe this bra and panty set now that I have it in my hands: luxurious. The La Luna Bra & Thong set by Yes Master is made of ultra soft bright pink stretch silk with black mesh trim & straps. Although silk is one of my favourite fabrics for clothing, I’ve never actually owned any silk lingerie…but let me just say, it’s a real treat. The texture is amazing, the colour is incredibly vivid and it just feels super amazing against the skin- I love it!

One of the reasons this set looks so unique is because it is made by edgy, fashion forward (& cheekily named) UK lingerie label, Yes Master. Described as a “cult” designer lingerie label, Yes Master was conceived in 2005 by Igor Pacemski, a chemist turned designer. When it comes to creating head-turning, vintage-inspired lingerie with and edgy, modern twist, clearly Pacemski knows how to combine the right elements. From wild colours, feathers, to this collection Ziggy Stardust lingerie (that I can’t help but think my pal Apocalypstick would love…), Yes Master seems particularly adept at making lingerie that’s the perfect mix of sexy and downtown cool. Previous collections have been described as “Silver Screen and Rock’n’Roll Dreams” which I think sums up their aesthetic perfectly.

To give you an idea, here are a few other looks from Yes Master – one of which is a previous version of the La Luna set in a blue colour scheme. (And yes, I added a heart to disguise a nip slip in an attempt to keep this vaguely work-friendly.)

When it comes to my gorgeous neon La Luna set, both the bra and the underwear are made really beautifully. As you can see, the bra features really cool retro-inspired seam detailing on the cups with a black mesh overlay. The straps are comfortably thick and are also trimmed in black velvet.

The thong features an asymmetrical mesh insert pattern which makes it really unique. And, unlike some of the thongs I’ve reviewed in the past, this thong is super comfy and the kind of piece you could easily wear everyday. Yay!

Here’s another close-up of the gorgeous seam detailing on the bra. I love the intricate and unique design of this set.

As far as fit goes, the bra is very comfortable. The band is made of super soft black mesh and attaches with two hook and eye closures at the back. The bra straps have a unique tapered look, with the thickest part resting on your shoulder bone (this is very obvious in the photo of the blue set. The pink bra has the same fit.) Despite the unusual structure of the straps, they are super comfortable and don’t rub or chafe, which is always as good thing!

However, what you should know about this piece is that it is very much a demi cup bra (at least on me.) You can see my nipples through the black mesh part of the bra. It’s a very sexy look, but shows a lot of boob – hence, the reason I declined to post any photos of myself in the set 🙂 I also found that the bra runs a tiny bit on the small side. I received the bra in my proper size (32 DD) however, although the band fit perfectly, I found the cups a tiny bit small. This wasn’t a huge deal, I just had to “re-adjust” the girls a bit and then I was good to go. Although I probably wouldn’t wear this bra everyday, it’s the perfect thing to throw on for the bedroom or for a hot date!

Overall, I really loved this set. The quality and design is awesome. There’s also something about it that reminds me of Jean Paul Gaultier’s designs circa Madonna’s Blonde Ambition Tour. In other words, when I put it on I feel sexy, powerful and ready to take on the world. For that, I give this set a resounding Skinny Dip….

The La Luna Bra & Thong set by Yes Master is available at Ohhh Canada for $45.99. I received the set free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll. Thank you Ohhh Canada!


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