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Show & Tell | Bettie Page Wild and Willing Wrist Cuffs

As we speak I’m currently recovering from a brutal cold/flu that I picked up in Vegas – my fourth trip there in 3 years! But, more on that later. Before I spill the details about my trip, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you guys some of the awesome products that have landed on my desk recently.

Not many people know this, but I’ve always been a Bettie Page fan. I’ve had a girl crush on her ever since I stumbled across some of her pin-up photos when I was 14 or 15. Although I was already a fan of famous blondes like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, what drew me to Bettie was that she was a brunette – just like me. I also loved how in some photos she looked sexy and playful – almost like the girl next-door – whereas, in others she looked like a fierce, vixen. Naughty but nice, shy yet daring, it was Bettie Page’s intriguingly contradictory character that earned her the title of ‘The Queen of Pin Ups.” She’s since become synonymous with the 1950’s pin-up and fetish photo scene.

I didn’t really know that much about Bettie until I watched  The Notorious Bettie Page – the 2005 bio-pic based on her life. I now have an even greater respect for Bettie Page. She had a really hard life, yet you’d never guess from looking at her photos. She was a strong and intelligent woman who did her own thing.

Needless to say, I was really excited when I found out that one of my favourite companies, Lovehoney, had launched a line of Bettie Page Pleasure Products. Really, really excited.

Created exclusively by Lovehoney, the range is the only collection of official sex toys and bondage accessories approved by the late Bettie Page’s estate. Bettie Page not only had a huge influence on the bondage scene, but she also brought an element of glamour to her sexuality that’s still appreciated today. Lovehoney has definitely captured Bettie’s retro-glam vibe in this gorgeous collection of 11 luxury erotic products. The collection includes bondage rope, handcuffs, satin restraints, a lead and collar set, a riding crop and leather bullwhip, spanking paddles, a blindfold, orgasm balm and two different vibrators.

My sex toy collection is quite extensive. So, when the lovely people over at Lovehoney asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing a piece from the Betty Page Pleasure Products collection, I decided to go for something completely outside of my usual comfort zone. Although bondage has never really been my thing, lately I’ve been craving a good set of handcuffs. I’ve never owned any and I figured they’d be a fun piece to add to my collection, just in case I might need them at some point :). Enter the Bettie Page “Wild and Willing” Faux Leather Wrist Cuffs.


Not me. However, I wish I everything else in this photo was mine - including the ability to do gorgeous retro make-up and hair.

Designed for “comfortable restraint”, these luxurious wrist cuffs are made of ultra soft padded, faux leather and lined with black velvet. They are finished with silver metal fittings and detachable chain.

You can adjust the cuff circumference between 5.7 – 9 inches to achieve a pinch-free fit in any position. Quick release clips extend from 2 fully rotatable D-rings to allow limited movement, while the metal chain links the cuffs and restricts your partner, offering no more than 7 inches between each wrist.

Although I haven’t had a chance to try these with a partner, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable these cuffs are. The silver buckles and structured design of the cuffs makes you feel restrained yet supported, while the soft velvet lining feels nice & soft against the skin.

From what I was able to tell, these cuffs are perfect for anyone who is looking to add some sexy restraint play into their bedroom activities, but doesn’t want to have to deal with the discomfort of chaffing during play. I imagine that with these “Wild and Willing” cuffs you could just lay back and enjoy the ride.

I know that it’s “what’s inside that counts”, but I can’t write this review without mentioning the gorgeous packaging of this line. It truly blew me away. My wrist cuffs arrived in a stunning, black velvet lined box featuring a bunch of Bettie’s famous pin-up photos. Included in the box was also a Bettie Page trading card and keychain charm. As someone who loves all things retro, sexy and vintage, I have to say I’m kind of in love with the effort that was put into designing such nice packaging. Usually I just recycle the packaging that my adult products come in, but I’ll definitely be keeping this box for storage.


So that you get an idea of what the cuffs look like on a real person, I took a few snap shots. Drumroll, please!

I have minuscule wrists, which often makes it hard for me to find watches and bracelets that fit me. However, I was impressed that the Bettie Page Wrist Cuffs were more than tight enough for me even on the second to last hole. It also doesn’t hurt that I am a fan of all things black, quilted & leather, and that the Bettie Page Wrist Cuffs match one of my favourite purses perfectly.

Overall, I was really impressed with the quality and care that was put into designing these cuffs. Whether you’re looking to dip your baby toe into bondage (like I am), are in search of a unique Valentine’s Day gift or want a luxurious and sophisticated upgrade for that pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs that have been sitting in your nightstand since college, I’d totally recommend these wrist-cuffs. They’re sexy, they’re stylish and functional. What more could you ask for?

The cuffs are available exclusively at Lovehoney and retail for $67.99.

The Bettie Page Wild and Willing Wrist Cuffs were provided to me free of charge from the lovely people at Lovehoney in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll. 

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