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Sexy Storage Solutions: Say Hello To The Pleasure Purse

The topic of “sex toy storage” is one that comes up in conversation often in my life. Anyone who reads this blog, has probably clued in that I own quite a few toys, lingerie and other sexy time products. People will often ask me, “Where do you keep it all? Also, don’t you currently live with your family?!” When my collection was still on the small side I used to just store my goodies in my bedside drawer. As my sex toy collection grew, I started storing everything in cloth lined boxes under my bed. Now I store everything in a cabinet that looks like a smaller version of this, which I’ve lovingly nicknamed “the tower of power” (because it’s not like you can leave lying around anything that arrived from a website called Top Blow Job Machines.) I love the Tower of Power because it keeps everything organized and out of sight but still easily accessible. However, for my friends who have children, their sexy-time products need to be stored more discretely so that they can’t be accessed by tiny humans, with quizzical minds. Enter the Pleasure Purse – gorgeous leather handbag designed to securely house all of your sexy goodies.

slideshow_1Although I’m pretty content with my current storage situation, I think the Pleasure Purse is a great idea – especially for my friends who are parents (the purse can be secured with lock & key!) Designed by a Canadian couple in Calgary, the Pleasure Purse is perfect for taking on a romantic weekend with someone special or storing your sex toys away from prying hands. When the lovely people at Pleasure Purse offered to send me my very own handbag to try out, I was super excited to feature it on the blog.

One of the things that really impressed me about the Pleasure Purse is how stylish it is in person. The purse is made from real leather and is nicely detailed with silver hardware. It features a double “P” monogram on both the front and the back.

photo-38Secondly, the Pleasure Purse is super roomy. It’s about the size of your average gym bag and fits a lot of stuff (and trust me, I loaded this baby up and it wasn’t even close to maximum capacity!)

photo-40 I love that it has two zipper pouches plus pockets that you can use to hold lube, condoms, massage oil or smaller toys. There’s also plenty of room to fill it with larger toys, lingerie or whatever your sexy little heart desires. You could even fit in a cosmetic bag and a change of clothes if necessary. I also love that it has leopard print lining.

photo-41The Pleasure Purse comes with a silky, leopard print drawstring bag for additional sex toy storage, a comfy detachable shoulder strap and a super cute heart shaped lock & key set.

photo-34Although I probably won’t use this to store all my toys, the Pleasure Purse makes the perfect carry-on bag for weekend get-a-ways (romantic or otherwise!) I give their design team major props for the sleek, black leather look of this piece. Unlike similar products designed for sex toy storage that are garish and obvious (i.e., neon pink and covered in fun fur) I could easily take this bag to the gym, on an airplane or anywhere without anyone being the wiser. Which, is exactly what I’m going to do.

photo-39The Pleasure Purse can be purchased for $119.99 and can be purchased here. This review was made possible by the lovely people at Pleasure Purse. I received this product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll.

How do you store your sex toys? 


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