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Sex Toy Review | The Lelo Insignia Soraya: Worth the Wait


I think I’ve found the vibrator Holy Grail.

After over a year of lusting after the Lelo Insignia Soraya, it’s finally mine…alllll mine…and I couldn’t be happier.

Once I dated this guy who had a really long and think penis. Every time we had sex, it hit my G-spot every. single. time. Until that point I’d never experienced anything like it. Consequently, all of the multiple orgasms made me go a little crazy. I couldn’t stop thinking about the sex. I yearned for it all the time when he wasn’t around. I even dreamt about it. When we were together, the world could be falling apart outside, but as long as he was in my bed, I didn’t care. I was completely dick whipped.

Unfortunately though, he knew this and used it to his advantage. Often we’d be lying in bed naked, doing everything but actually fucking and right before the actual point of penetration he’d say something like “I’m not going to have sex with you today.” Or, he’d pull out mid-sex and tell me “we’ll finish this later.” It was the biggest tease and it drove me absolutely insane. Who refuses a beautiful naked girl who wants to have sex with you? I’m not used to being told no.

In very uncharacteristic fashion, this guy had me begging for penis. To this day, I honestly think he got pleasure out of denying me that final pleasure that I so desperately wanted. Clearly this guy was into some fucked up mind games. However, because the orgasms had turned me into a total dum-dum, I neglected to see the fact that not only did this guy have a big dick, he was a big dick.

This is all to say that the Lelo Soraya reminds me a bit of that guy, except – as long as I keep it charged properly it never, ever says “No” to me.

The Lelo Insignia Soraya is an excellent high-end, dual function rabbit vibrator that totally lives up to it’s hype. Considered by many as one of the top vibrators out there, this toy is waterproof, rechargeable, Phthalates free, hypoallergenic, multifunction and uniquely ergonomic. The Lelo Insignia Soraya is made of  a combination of silky smooth silicone and lightweight, metallic coloured ABS plastic. It has 8 different, powerful vibration modes that you can turn up or down, depending on the intensity that you’re looking for. You can control  the modes and intensity through an easy to use control pad located at the base of the toy. The Soraya has two motors: one for the insertable portion and one for the clitoral stimulator or “arm.” This is awesome because it means you can use either the G-Spot or clitoral stimulation on their own, or you can use them together (the later is heavenly!)

Why I think the Lelo Insignia Soraya is one of the best vibrators on the market:

The ergonomic design: The loop in the handles makes The Soraya very easy to use. With two fingers through the loop and one behind the clitoral stimulator, you can easily control this toy and adjust it to where it needs to go. The sleek design also means that you’re less likely to get awkward wrist cramps after extended use (and yes, you probably will want to use this toy extensively.)

The only downside to the design is that there is a seam between the pink silicone portion of the toy and the metallic plastic part, which could potentially trap some bacteria. However, I haven’t had any issues with this at all. I clean my toys really thoroughly before and after each use with a toy cleaner like System Jo Anti-bacterial toy cleaner or Pjur Med Clean Spray and suggest you do the same.

Flexible clitoral arm: As I’ve mentioned in some of my other sex toy reviews, one of the most common failures among rabbit vibrators is that the clitoral stimulator is awkward, inflexible or doesn’t line up with your anatomy properly. The Lelo Soraya resolves this issue by providing a clitoral stimulator that is well placed and flexible. If you want to add more pressure, you can easily press down on it with your finger that isn’t looped through the handle for a very pleasurable effect.

Strong vibrations and generous size: Two other issues I often run into when it comes to sex toys a) the vibrations are too weak or b) the toy isn’t long enough to hit my g-spot. The Lelo Soraya’s vibration modes range from pleasant & softly humming to intense, rumbling vibrations that will definitely satisfy advanced toy users who like their vibes to go long & hard. The toy offers approx. 5.5 inches of insertable length and a slightly more bulbous head which is just perfect for me.

Overall pleasure, aka “this toy will give you insane orgasms” Although this is the most expensive sex toy I own, it’s also one of the best vibrators I have ever tried. To put it plainly, it made me come again & again & again (take that Mr. “I have a Magic Penis and like to play mind games”!) The first time I tried it, the orgasms were so intense they actually left me in a bit of daze. Later that day I met up with my Mom. When she saw me she said:

“What are you wearing?”

I was wearing a romper that I threw on after my toy session & shower.

“It’s a romper”

“It looks weird, like you’re wearing it inside out”

I look down and sure enough, I’m wearing my clothes inside out.

So there you have it. The Lelo Soraya: a vibrator that gives orgasms that are so good, they might render you temporarily unable to function.

This post was sponsored by EdenFantasys. I received a gift certificate to fund my on-going addiction to sex-toys and lingerie, in exchange for this post. All opinions, comments and TMI information is my own, because that’s how I roll. 

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