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Sex Toy Review | The Lelo Ina 1.0

I’ve been lusting after the Lelo Ina vibrator ever since my friend described it as her very own “5 seconds to orgasm machine”.  The Lelo Ina is the “rabbit vibe” version of one of my favourite toys, the Lelo Mona. They’re very similar in shape,  however the Lelo Ina is designed to stimulate both of your happy spots (C-spot and G-Spot!) I was super excited when the lovely folks over at Ohhh Canada decided to make my vibrator dreams come true and send me a Lelo Ina to try (Thank you!!)

The basics: 

The Lelo Ina is a dual stimulation luxury vibrator from the geniuses over at Swedish sex toy company Lelo. In true Lelo style, Ina is very stylish and looks like a piece of art. Completely body-safe, Ina is made of luxury, high grade silicone and plastic that is silky smooth to the touch. The toy has two powerful motors – one in the protruding bit (for clit stimulation) and one in the shaft (for internal stimulation) that produce throbbing, intense vibrations. It has easy to use controls that allow you to cycle through 7 different vibration modes and intensity levels with ease. The controls can be locked to help prevent embarrassing sex toy mishaps while travelling. The Ina is fully rechargeable with means no more batteries, baby! (I love, love, love rechargeable toys because they are so much more convenient than battery operated toys.) In true Scandinavian style, Ina is a bright, sassy orange colour – which is kind of a refreshing change from all of the pink & purple toys out there!

The Skinny: 

As someone who really loves toys with powerful, deep vibrations, the Lelo Ina definitely fits the bill. It’s has strong rumbling vibrations that will lead to some intense internal & external orgasms…often simultaneously… Yowza! The toy is ergonomically designed to fit snugly within a woman’s body. One word to describe the Lelo Ina: INTENSE. The curved shaft pinpoints your G-Spot while the snug fitting clitoral arm puts steady pressure on your clit. Using this toy felt a bit like being on one of those roller-coasters where you race up at a 90 degree angle to death defying heights, do a series of upside down circles and then head back down the way you came up. It’s thrilling but also kind of like “That was awesome, but what the f**k just happened?!” It took a while to get used to the intensity of this toy.

If you need a lot of pressure on your clit to get off, you will love the Lelo Ina when it’s “In ya (get it?!). However, if you prefer teasing “fluttering” sensations for clitoral stimulation (i.e.. like what a classic rabbit vibrator might offer) I’d suggest you try the Lelo Soraya instead. I could be biased because it’s my favourite toy ever, but I prefer a vibrator that has a longer shaft and a more flexible clitoral arm. Although I definitely liked the Ina and will be playing with it regularly, I still prefer my Lelo Soraya because I’m able to control the intensity & pressure more to my liking.

So you can see the difference in shape, here’s a photo of the two toys side by side:

To give you an idea of size, the Ina has 3.5″ of insertable length, whereas the Soraya has 5.5″ of insertable length.

Who I’d recommend this toy to:

Anyone who likes a toy with intense vibrations, couples who are looking to add something new to their bedroom play, anyone who is looking to upgrade their rabbit vibrator to something more slick & intense.

 Has anyone else tried the Lelo Ina? What’s your favorite toy?

Thanks again to Ohhh Canada for sending me my very own Ina! I received the toy free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product.

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