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Secrets & Bikinis & Other Pretty Things

Lack of blogging this week has mostly been due to the fact that I’ve been sick. Today I went to the doctor’s where I found out that I probably have some kind of chest infection. This would explain why yesterday I was coughing so much that I was having problems breathing properly. Not fun. The upside is that I temporarily have a sexy (?) raspy voice a la phone sex operator. Although in reality I think its less phone sex and more very nasal female Darth Vader which is slightly less hot.

Aside from not feeling 100% this past week has been full of good “firsts”:

1. I tried my very first Long Island Ice Tea (I can’t believe I’ve never tried one before. Isn’t this the kind of drink you order when you’re 19?!)

2. I learned how to BBQ and change a propane tank all by myself without setting my eyebrows on fire (also something I should have learned to do a long time ago).

3. Went to my first un-official “Tweet-up” where I met Reggie Ramone & Dashingfactor, who might I add are hilarious in person. Lots of traumatic dating stories were swapped over drinks. The highlight of the night was when I re-told Zoe’s story of “The guy who rinsed out his condom” -Quite possibly the best tale of Sex-Gone-Wrong that you’ll ever read.


4. I had my first professional article (as in I got paid to write it!) published on 29 secrets. You can click on the logo below to read the article:

I’m really excited to be working with 29 secrets and will keep you guys posted on my future articles. I’m also totally excited that this means I can officially cross off item #1 from my Birthday List.

Because I am too sick today to write about what I wanted to write about (more disturbing tales from my personal life) I’m going to share with you a few things I am EXCITED ABOUT.

(in hopes that putting some positivity out there will heal my body)

Going to THIS event tomorrow evening. I’m not a huge fan of the SATC movies. I loved the series but really didn’t feel like they needed to make a movie, let alone two movies. This is just a good excuse to get dressed up in cocktail attire, ridiculous shoes & to sip martinis (or maybe some healthier alternative in my case). Plus, Valerie from I’m Charming You is going to be there & I can’t wait to meet her! Is there anyone else from the blogosphere attending this event?

Dolce Vita‘s clothing and shoe line. Have you ever walked into a store and said to yourself “I would wear everything in here“? That’s how I felt when I went into the Dolce Vita store in Venice Beach. Their whole collection has this really great sophisticated & laid back vibe and is extremely wearable. Relaxed silk rompers (like the one below) are exactly the kinds of things I want to be wearing this summer.

This bathing suit. I saw it at the Roxy Store in LA and haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. At the time I convinced myself that I didn’t “need” it. (I have a drawer at home dedicated just to my bathing suit collection. Case and point) But, now I kick myself for not buying it. I must find a way to make this pretty coral bikini MINE.

I heard THIS song by Toro Y Moi in a skate shop in Santa Monica and fell in love. I love the 80’s inspired synths. This is the perfect sunny day, hanging out on your patio song.

This huge sense of urgency I’m feeling. My 30th birthday is coming up in 3 months and there is so much I want to do. There are jobs to go after. Trips to be planned. Writing to be done. Nude Swimming to be arranged. This is a good feeling because it is pushing me forward towards the things that I want to accomplish.

What are YOU excited about? Tell me something good!


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