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Searching for my Tribe

Here is my conundrum:

When I started this blog in August, I set out to connect with readers and find other people doing the same thing as me. I read ALOT of blogs, (what’s featured on the blogroll is only a small fraction of my overly bloated Google Reader) but for the most part they are all Fashion or Design blogs. My daily reads are perfect for finding daily visual inspiration, however they are not necessarily the best forum to connect with people who are doing the same thing as I am (blogging a “life blog”). 

So, to get started I decided to join an online social networking site dedicated to bloggers in their 20’s. Although I did end up discovering a few blogs I really like and enjoy reading through this site, a lot of the blogs I stumbled upon I couldn’t really relate to (ie. mommy blogs and blogs about young married life–I figure they probably wouldn’t be able to relate to me either) or  were just too junior for me (about college life, early 20’s). Way too many blogs I found were along the lines of,


All those things are great on their own– I like shoes (however I’m not really a Manolo girl. My shoe lust tends to veer more towards Marni and Pierre Hardy. I love their use of color and shape), I admit cupcakes taste good (although I tend to crave savory things more than sweet) and YES, I am the proprietor of a very pink blog however as a whole these things don’t describe ME. At least not the person I am today. 

I guess basically I am looking to connect with people who I can relate to. People with a bit of life experience they are willing to share, who can laugh at themselves and are a little bit cynical but still hopeful, kind of like me. 

I said to my friend Melissa a few months ago, “I want to read blogs by other girls who get it

(she recommended I’m Boy Crazy and Dating Myself by Kristen Gale which are two new faves. Although they are both very different, they both passed the “they get it” test right away. And if you do check out I’m Boy Crazy you must watch her collection of short films. Some of them seem scarily familiar–however I won’t say which ones)

On a side note, I also joined BlogHer. I’m sure there are tons of great blogs on there however, the network seems SO huge that it is a bit overwhelming.

So with that said, obviously if you’re reading this right now you either know me in real life and/or  connect to a certain degree with what I am writing about. So, my question of the day is:

What blogs do YOU read and love?

If you’re a blogger, how did you initially connect with other bloggers?

And at the risk of sounding totally desperate, if you are a fellow blogger reading this and you feel we are like-minded individuals please identify yourself. I want to meet your blog!

[PS. Today’s photo is by Elena Marshall. You can find more of her photography here. As well as featured in Parasol magazine.]


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