My Top 10 ‘Must Have’ Sex Toys

Friends are always asking me for sex toy recommendations, so I thought I would put together a list of my favourite toys in my collection. These are the sex toys that I reach for again & again, and confidently recommend to friends. I hope you enjoy! (BTW, I loathe batteries,…

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When Palm Trees Give Birth to Sex Toys

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you may have noticed that the majority of the sex toys I review are either purple or pink in hue. That’s no coincidence – I remember reading somewhere recently that sex toy companies tend to favour those colours because they are the…

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Meet the Crave Duet: The James Bond of Sex Toys

I have a thing for James Bond – or more specifically, Daniel Craig as James Bond. It all started when I turned 32 and found myself attracted to weathered salt and pepper types. Now I can’t watch a recent James Bond movie without feeling completely hot and bothered. Maybe it’s because…

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When Sex Toys Go Hilariously Wrong #4

I feel like my last few posts have been very “touchy, feely, let’s all go watch Oprah, hold hands and sing kumbaya” Writing about my feeeelings has left me craving a bit of snarky commentary. What better way to get the ball rolling than with another installment of When Sex…

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When Sex Toys go Hilariously Wrong #3

It’s that time again! Welcome to episode #3 of When Sex Toys Go Hilariously Wrong. The theme of today’s post “If Old McDonald Had a Sex Toy Shop“ While doing some research for these sex toys gone wrong posts I came across an interesting phenomena: there are a lot of…

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