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Say Yes to Imperfect

Something I’ve learned so far in life: PERFECT doesn’t exist.

This is especially true when it comes to relationships. The people you think have “perfect relationships” don’t. People love each other. People fight. People do dumb shit and make mistakes. People make up. This doesn’t necessarily make a relationship “bad”, it just makes it human. You can obsess over finding the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect marriage, the perfect wardrobe…the perfect life. You can also constantly compare yourself to other people – those you assume have “the perfect life”, ignoring the fact that what right for one person isn’t right for you (Trust me, I’ve done both). But, the concept of “perfect” in a sense is paralyzing. By chasing after it you miss out on a lot of the amazing things that are happening right now (work with me here. I’m writing this after having vodka martinis & chicken wings for dinner. That’s totally a sensible Wednesday night dinner choice right?!). We’re all flawed. Life is flawed. But, that doesn’t mean that we’re not all awesome in our own ways or that beautiful things can’t happen.

I’ve seen a few other bloggers write their own Protest against Perfect so, here is my contribution. Consider this like a continuation of “29 you should know about me” – the embarrassing edition.

I’m Imperfect:

1. My eyes crinkle & look puffy when I smile.
2. If you hug me too tightly after a meal, I will burp…you know, like a baby. Its hot.
3. I probably live in my head more than I should. I also worry about everything more than I should. I wish I could turn off my mind sometimes.
4.I have a photographic memory when it comes to facts & details however, I have to set email reminders for myself just to remember to pay my phone bill on time, or take out the recycling or buy a new toothbrush.
5. I seem to wear out toothbrushes really, really fast. Like, every two weeks I need to buy a new one. This can’t be normal. When I was visiting my best friend this spring, she saw my toothbrush sitting in the bathroom and said, “Um, Simone – I think you need a new brush” me: “No, I just bought that last week“. Insert wrinkled brow & concerned look here.
6. Oh my god. Maybe I don’t even know how to brush my teeth properly!
7. I’m hopelessly sentimental. I can’t throw out cards and notes that were given to me by people I care about. But, don’t worry – you’re not going to see me on the next episode of Hoarders. Everything is neatly tucked away in pink storage boxes. I may be sentimental but I’m also a Virgo.
8. I’m kind of vain & I’ve always loved being photographed.
{I’m a Camera Ham. I can’t help it}

9. I have a hard time letting go of people. Once you’re in my heart you’re in. However, this rule sometimes applies to people who may not be good for me, that I should probably let go of but can’t.
10. I’m terrible at airport goodbyes. You’d think I’d be used to them by now after ten + years of flying back and forth between here and BC to see my family but, I’m not. Have you wondered who that crazy person is who’s bawling her eyes out in the security line-up? Yeah, that’s me.
{Two of my favorite people, looking at one of my favorite views}

11. I drink about 2 L of water daily. I also have a small bladder. This means at any given time I’m either thirsty or have to pee. I’m sure this makes me totally annoying to hang out with.
12. I may be sensitive about some things but, I can also be really cold & cutthroat in certain situations. This kind of scares me about myself.
13. When I travel I rarely get homesick. Instead, I get homesick for the places I’ve traveled to once it is time to leave.
{Me, standing on the rocks of the Acropolis: Athens 2006)

14. I have Sock Monkeys. THERE I SAID IT. I tell people that its because I’m “really into the handmade movement” and “I’m saving them for when I have kids” (not totally untrue). Really, its because I’m a 30 year old who kind of likes sock monkeys and occasionally likes to watch the odd Muppet DVD whenever I’m feeling sad.
{Big Monkey and Little Monkey. I’m not good with names.}

15. I’ve hurt people that I care about and I’m not OK with it.
16. I’m pretty good at making “big” life decisions. Quit that job: Done! Move across the country: Done! Break up with that dude who insists on wearing socks when you have sex: DONE! But, I’m really bad at making dumb choices, like deciding what to order on a menu. This is why once I find something I like at a restaurant I’ll just keep ordering it (in hopes of sparing people the mental anguish of watching me try and make inconsequential life decisions)
17. I’m never going to be that girl who wakes up extra early to flat iron/curl/blow-out her hair to perfection everyday. I’m that girl with the wet hair, tied back in a bun, speed walking to the subway with her ipod and take-out coffee in hand. I think this comes from growing up on the West Coast where it rains constantly & a blow out is pointless anyways. That, and I’d rather be asleep or reading the news.
{Me, in Greece a few years ago without any make-up}

18. I have degenerative disc disease which means that some of the vertebrae in my spine are damaged. Most mornings I am jolted awake by back pain. This may or may not get better with time.
19. I will never be good at Math. My mind just doesn’t work that way.
20. I’m absolutely horrible at any sport that involves hand/eye coordination, bats, sticks or balls…which, last time I checked IS MOST SPORTS.

I’d love to be that person who is good at Math, who doesn’t cry at airports, who never has problems sleeping because they don’t worry as much as I do, who can actually play a sport without getting hit in the face with a ball….but, then I remind myself that if I were those things, I wouldn’t be me. I could pick myself apart, beat myself up over who I’m not or I could look at who I am, accept her and love her. The second option feels a lot more liberating.

So, here’s to Imperfect.

How are you imperfect?


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