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Ridiculously Cute Shoes for Less? Um, Yes Please.

Anyone who has seen photos of my former shoe closet can vouch for the fact that I am a certified shoe addict.

When it comes to my love for shoes, I don’t discriminate. I love all footwear: comfy flats, riding boots, wedges, gladiator sandals. I do however, have a special place in my heart for my heels. Although my feet often beg to differ, for me there’s nothing like the confidence boost that comes along with stepping into a fantastic pair of heels.

However, since moving back to the West Coast, I’ve barely worn any of my heels. The fashion style here is very laid back. With the exception of certified “fancy” occasions like best friends birthdays, concerts or New Years Eve, there just doesn’t seem to be many opportunities to really dress up. Often dressing up just means that you look out of place. With the exception of going out for drinks with Kimberley last week (I wore a pair of sky high espadrille wedges & my favourite maxi) every time I’ve tried to leave the house dressed in anything other than flats, my Mom has said:

“What are you wearing?! You know you’re going to be too dressed up compared to everyone else right? You’re going to make people feel weird. Go change!”

Being slightly overdressed in Toronto is totally acceptable and almost expected. Being overdressed here in Sleepy Town, is apparently a major faux pas.

With that said, I was still tickled pink when Valerie from Charming Media contacted me and offered a gift certificate for $100 worth of product from heels.com, as part of their promotion of their latest deal on Buytopia. This deal is too good not to share with you guys:

Yep, that’s right.

For $25 you get a $50 voucher.

For $50 you get a $100 voucher. 

Looking through the heels.com, I was actually quite impressed by their selection. They carry some of my favourite show brands like Dolce Vita, Vince Camuto, Steve Madden and Sam Edelman. It wasn’t hard to find a few pairs that I would like to add to my collection. Anyways, I thought I would share this in case any of you are looking to get new shoes for fall or take advantage of the summer sales that are on right now….because, who doesn’t enjoy discounted shoes?!

(Edit: I just checked Buytopia and noticed that the deal expires really soon, so if you’re craving new shoes, you’ll want to act fast)

Since you’re probably wondering, these are the shoes I am hoping to grab once my voucher can be redeemed on Tuesday:

The Janna Natural Snake Wedge by DV Dolce Vita – These are totally my style and their laid back glamor makes them perfect for wearing on the West Coast (or anywhere really.)

However, if my dream wedges are sold out I might decide to be completely ridiculous and get these. Crazy Barbie shoes anyone?!

What do you guys think?!

Thanks to everyone at Charming Media & Buytopia for the lovely gift!


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