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Review| The We-Vibe Touch: A Toy That Everyone Can Enjoy

A few years ago I mentioned how much I love my We-Vibe Touch vibrator (and more recently, the We-Vibe Tango), however I never wrote a full review. To summarize, The We-Vibe Touch is just an all around, really great small clitoral vibrator that can be used for solo and couples play.

We-vibe recently released an updated version of the We-Vibe Touch and I’m very fortunate because the nice people at Lovehoney offered to send me my very own so that I could take it for a spin.

I should start off my mentioning that my older We-Vibe Touch is one of my favourite vibrators PERIOD and it’s one that I often recommend to people when they’re looking to purchase their first sex toy  or are on the hunt for a vibe that totally rocks. At 4 inches in length, the We-Vibe Touch is a compact clitoral vibrator that has all the hallmarks of a toy box favourite: it’s made of 100% silky smooth body safe silicone, it’s rechargeable by USB, it’s waterproof and it offers toe-curlingly intense, deep, rumbly vibrations. The updated version of the We-Vibe Touch is everything that the original was and then some.

Here are a few things I absolutely love about the We-Vibe Touch:

It’s ergonomic: The toy is curved to fit perfectly in your palm. The indented part of the toy surrounds your clitoris, providing thrilling, rumbly sensations. If you’re looking for even more precise stimulation, you can use the pointed tip directly on your clit for a super intense experience.

The vibrations rock: You know how I often complain about how some toys have very weak, buzzy vibrations? Well, the We-Vibe is anything but. In fact, the vibrations offered by this toy are pretty much perfect. With an easy to use one button control and  8 orgasmic speeds and patterns, you’re bound to find one that makes you squeal.

It has something for everyone: One of the reasons I recommend this toy to so many people is because it’s very versatile. Whether you’re looking for something that’s intense, or you’re a beginner looking to ease into using sex toys, the We-Vibe Touch offers enough variation to satisfy all toy users.

Great for partner play: This is also my go-to vibrator when it comes to partner play because it is so ergonomic and you have a a lot of options when it comes to how intense you want to go.

As with all We-Vibe products, the quality is really great and cleans easily with toy cleaner or antibacterial soap & water.

we-vibe touch 1
The new We-Vibe Touch is basically identical to the original, however it’s a quarter inch longer. Whereas the original was made of shiny silicone that had a tendency to collect lint like crazy, the updated version is made of a velvety silicone that doesn’t have the same issue. Hooray! I don’t know about you, but link isn’t exactly sexy so I’m thrilled that they made this change. Other than that, I didn’t really notice any key differences. The original was awesome and so is the updated version. 

The only potential drawback of this toy is that like it’s sister toy the We-Vibe Tango, the charging system is a little finicky. The toy charges via USB and the magnet that attaches the toy to the cord often comes loose if you don’t have it in exactly the right position. It’s not the end of the world, but I’d love to see We-Vibe improve upon this in future versions of the toy.

When it comes to my sex toy reviews, usually Joe the Intern usually likes to step in to say a few words. However, Sleepytown has been experiencing a bit of a heatwave lately. Combine that with the fact that we all just got new patio furniture and I’ve noticed that certain employees at Skinny Dip headquarters have adopted a bit of a diva like attitude. Ahem.

When I asked Joe the Intern if he’d like to contribute to this post, this is what he had to say.

If you’re looking for a great small vibrator for solo or couple’s play, or you’re on the hunt for something to replace your old pocket rocket, the We-Vibe Touch won’t disappoint. It’s one of the few toys that I continually use on a regular basis!  If you’d like to grab your own We-Vibe Touch, it’s available through Lovehoney and retails at $112 (not cheap, but  very well worth it, if you ask me.)

Free delivery on all orders over $40
This review was kindly brought to you by the lovely people at Lovehoney. I received the We-Vibe Touch free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll. 

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