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Review | The Jackrabbit One Touch – a Decent Budget Vibe

Although I’m obviously a fan of very high end toys like the Lelo Soraya and the Jopen Vr 12, as an experienced sex toy reviewer I believe it’s important to try toys from all price points in order to get a well rounded view of  what’s available. I’m always curious to see how cheaper toys measure up to my higher end favourites. So, as long as it’s body safe, I will try it. Just like the shabby Tacqueria around the corner from your house that makes the most amazing Carne Asada (which you’d choose hands down over a pricey dinner at the latest over-hyped trendy eatery), budget friendly sex toys are also full of a surprises. Yes, I just compared one of my favourite things (Mexican food) to one of my other favourite things (vibrators.)

When California Exotics sent me the  Silicone One Touch Jack Rabbit  to try I wasn’t sure what to expect. As you can see from the photo below, the clear plastic packaging (which has a distinct 90’s vibe) leaves a lot to be desired. However, what I discovered inside was a toy that’s surprisingly awesome considering it’s very reasonable price point (the toy retails at approx. $40.)

The  Silicone One Touch Jack Rabbit is part of California Exotics original Jack Rabbits© collection which launched over 16 years ago and has since become wildly popular. The One Touch Jack Rabbit is a dual pleasure toy designed to stimulate you internally while the signature “rabbit ears” stimulate you externally. However, unlike it’s mid-1990’s predecessors, which were often made of questionable, toxic and/or porous materials, this little guy is made of 100% body safe, phthalate-free silicone.


It’s powered by two AA batteries and is operated by a single touch button at the base of the toy. Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn it on or off, and press the button once to cycle through 10 different modes of vibration, pulsation and escalation. Super easy!

At 6.75 inches long, with 4 inches of that actually insertable, the Silicone One Touch Jack Rabbit is definitely on the smaller side. However, like the Body and Soul Lover (also by Cal Exotics) it’s size isn’t a hindrance when it comes to pleasure. The Silicone One Touch Jack Rabbit is short and stumpy with a bulbous flared tip for G-spot stimulation.

If the photo above doesn’t do it for you, here’s another one so you can get an idea of the scale.

What I like about this toy – 

It’s powerful – Although this toy is powered by AA batteries, it’s deceptively powerful and has deep, rumbly vibrations which I really like. It also has two motors: one in the shaft and one in the clitoral stimulator which I find always makes for a more pleasurable experience. This toy actually reminds me a lot of a smaller version of my first rabbit vibrator the True Love Honey Bunny.

It’s flexible – The shaft of this toy is super bendy which makes it easy to manoeuvre so you can stimulate your g-spot.

It works – This toy will give you orgasms. It’s not the most innovative or sophisticated toy out there, but it does it’s job…and quite well I might add. When it comes to sex toys, sometimes it’s nice to go “back to the basics.”

What I didn’t like about this toy – 

Texture – Although it advertises itself as made of “silky soft silicone”, the toy actually has a lot of drag to it and lint seems to cling to it like crazy. When it comes to using this toy, lube is an absolute must.

It’s loud – The downside of all of that battery operated power is that this toy is loud as hell. As in, your neighbours may think that you’ve taken up woodworking as a hobby. In other words, it’s not the most discrete of sex toys.

It takes batteries – I do not have a good relationship with batteries. I buy them and then they disappear into this black hole that I imagine also houses the majority of my socks.

The packaging – As much as I know it’s “what’s inside that counts” the packaging reminds me of the early 90’s soft core movies starring Shannon Tweed that used to be on super late at night when I was in high school. They were amazingly awful while at the same time titillating. Although I have found memories of laughing hysterically at these movies with my gay bff, I feel like the One Touch Jack Rabbit could do with a packaging update.

Shannon Tweed: You taught me many things, but you're now part of my past.

Although I feel like the Silicone One Touch Jack Rabbit could do with a bit more “finesse” (i.e. softer and quieter) it’s not a bad toy at all. I actually enjoyed it more than the luxurious looking Entice Isabella and a heck of a lot more than the nightmarish Body and Soul Bliss which made my lady parts burn (in a bad way) – both of which are more expensive. If you’re on a tight budget and want a rabbit vibe, the Silicone One Touch Jack Rabbit is a good body safe option that won’t break the bank. However, with that said, if you have an extra room in your budget, I’d suggest the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit (for a larger toy) or the Body Soul Lover (for a smaller toy) which is still my favourite vibe from Cal Exotics that’s under $100.

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*I received this toy free of charge from California Exotics as part of their Sexpert program in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll. Thank you Cal Exotics!


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