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Review | The Fantasy Box – Sexy Subscription

Although it’s sometimes nice to be able to sit around with your partner, pant-less, eating Dorritos, watching back to back episodes of Dexter while not talking; what I’ve learned from being in long-term relationships and writing about them, is this: Communication is really, really important and sometimes even the best relationships need spicing up. 

Now enter The Fantasy Box – a monthly subscription service designed to help couples communicate better and explore their fantasies.  The Fantasy Box was born when friends, Chris and Mariah, started talking candidly about the pitfalls of long term relationships and sex. The best sex was fun, adventurous, varied and based on a foundation of communication and trust. It was anticipated and prioritized, even when life got in the way. The worst sex was the opposite – monotonous, often full of judgment and something that was done out of obligation. To quote their website, “Sex is the glue that draws you back together when you can’t remember why else you are in this relationship.” My grandma recently told me, “You know what gets you through 50+ years of marriage to the same person? Good sex!” I think they’re all onto something.

With that said, even couples with a fantastic connection experience slumps and issues with communication when it comes to sex. Often couples are curious about wanting to try new things but don’t even know where to start. Recognizing this, Chris and Mariah started Fantasy Box so they could provide couples with an effortless way to introduce a new level of fun into their sex lives without stress, guilt, or judgment. Aka, no more missionary in the dark. (Amen to that!)

Everyone has fantasies – it’s totally natural. After consulting with focus groups and sexperts, the duo came up with over 60 of the most common fantasies for men and women. With The Fantasy Box, every month you will receive a different fantasy, instructions for how to play it out and all the goodies needed to turn fantasy into reality. I am super excited that Chris and Mariah kindly sent me a Fantasy Box of my own to test drive!

My parcel arrived in discreet packaging but when I opened it up I found this gorgeous red box adorned with funky black and white designs. I love all the cartoon lips, panties and hand-cuffs!

Inside the box I found note cards with instructions for the “Leader” and the “Follower”  The couple gets to decide “who’s who” and can always switch it up depending on the mood.

Underneath the cards I found the mother load  of goodies! Ahhhhhhh so many fun and cute things!

Here’s what was inside:

1. Sex and Mischief blindfold (hello darkness my old friend…)

2. Le Reve ribbed vibrator by Pipedream.

3. 1 Piece of sexy lingerie.

4. Dona soy massage candle (I have other Dona products and love them. This candle smells fantastic and is infused with aphrodisiacs)

5. Hot Pink Warming Lubricant for Women (I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, however I like that it’s Hypoallergenic and glycerin free)

6. A set of “Sensual Surveys” for each of you to complete and discuss (it’s all about communication people!) before your date night.

The toy: Le Reve by Pipedream is a high-qaulity small sized vibrator that easily fits in the palm of your hand. It’s made of body-safe materials, has three speeds and features ribbing at the tip for extra stimulation. It also comes with two AAA batteries so you can use it right away (which of course I did.) Although I generally like my vibrations more intense for solo play, this vibrator is a great option for couples play, beginners or anyone who is ultra sensitive.

The Lingerie: My fantasy lingerie piece consisted of a black body stocking that included a sheer black halter top/body-suit with attached thigh highs. Super sexy but totally hard to photograph because a) lying flat it looked really weird b) me wearing it is far too racy, even for this blog. Although this isn’t a piece I would normally pick out for myself, the quality is excellent and I can see myself enjoying wearing for a night!

As you know, I’ve reviewed several sexy subscription services on this blog. Although I hate to play favourites, The Fantasy Box is a favourite for several reasons:

– I love that Fantasy Box is focused on communication. Instead of just receiving a box full of products and being told “Hey, use these!” (which could be really overwhelming!) – each box comes with detailed instructions and actual tools to help you better communicate with your partner. A total win.

– All of the products you receive are full sized and recognizable brand names. No samples, no minis, no junk = no waste.

-The presentation and attention to detail is impeccable. From the gorgeous graphics and packaging to the products themselves, everything is super stylish and well thought out.


Overall, I give The Fantasy Box two enthusiastic thumbs up and look forward to (hopefully) experiencing the contents with, you know, an actual person in the near future 🙂

Has anyone else tried Fantasy Box? What did you think?

Psst. I received my Fantasy Box free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product. 


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