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I can think of very few things that I enjoy more at the end of a long day than coming home to pretty lingerie that’s been sent to me in the mail. My underwear drawer is pretty full these days, but I never, ever, tire of a new pair of pretty panties.

Meet Panty by Post  – a monthly subscription service for luxury panties. Every month Panty by Post sends you a new, gorgeous pair of panties based on your personal preferences  (you can choose thong, boys-cut or the bridal collection). When I first heard about Panty by Post, my thoughts were “Yay! A subscription service for people like me who love receiving pretty, lacy things in the mail!” So, when Panty by Post offered to send me a pair of their panties to sample, I was pretty excited!

Panty By Post started in Paris in August 2008 and is based in Vancouver, Canada (yay for Canadian companies!) Owner and founder Natalie Grunberg has always been inspired by Paris and it’s no surprise she’s built a company that has distinguished itself as a unique brand with a very French twist. She’s since made it her company’s mission to spread the pleasure of French lingerie all over the world. Each gorgeous Panty by Post package is meant to send a message of love and joie de vie!

Looking at Panty by Post’s gallery of photos, there’s a definite luxurious vibe (with just a hint of French flair!) to everything they carry. Featuring brands like Blush Lingerie and Hanky Panky, these are definitely not your run of the mill panties. Anyone who has ever worn a pair of Hanky Panky panties (which feel almost like you’re wearing nothing at all) can attest to that.  FYI, one of my best friends swears by their stretch lace thongs.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blush Lingerie, it’s another fantastic Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec. I adore their lingerie because it suits my style perfectly: it’s comfortable, a little bit retro and sexy without being over-the-top. To get an idea of what you can expect from their panties, here are a few images I pulled from the Panty by Post gallery.

(I’m totally obsessed with the black and white polka dot pair!)

I was delighted when I opened my Panty by Post package and found these beautiful violet hued satin panties with black lace trim.


Made of super soft stretch satin, the panties feature delicate stretchy black lace trim along the front and back, with a subtle black bow detail on the front.

To be honest, these are some of the nicest panties I have ever owned. Not only are they gorgeous, the quality is excellent and they feel luxurious as soon as you slip them on. I thought because of the cut in the back that these would be wedgie central, but you actually don’t really feel any of the seams when you have them on. Sexy and comfortable? I call that a Win/Win! The only downside (for my wallet) is that now I’m intent on tracking down the matching bra 😉

I should also mention that the panties arrived beautifully packaged. They were shipped in a Panty by Post envelope printed with a delicate floral design and sealed with a silver sticker. Inside the panties were wrapped in gorgeous tissue with a cream and gold angel print. Along with the panties was a personal note from Panty by Post. The package was so beautiful I couldn’t bring myself to recycle it, so I kept it because I’m a nerd like that.

Panty by Post offers a variety of different subscription options which range from $15-$25/month. You can also purchase one or two panties a la carte. When I told my best friend about the service her reaction was probably the same as many of you are having: “That’s a lot for a pair of panties! Wouldn’t it just be easier to go to the store and buy a pair?!” Yes, in theory it would be, and I realize $15+ for a pair of underwear is on the expensive side for a lot of people (me included). However, part of what you’re paying for is the shipping and the element of surprise. It’s definitely an indulgent purchase, however when it comes to subscription services I’d much rather get one luxury item that I’m going to *love* adding to my collection, versus a whole box of small sized sample products, some of which I may not use. When you look at it that way,  Panty by Post is a nice way to pamper yourself.

I’d recommend Panty by Post to anyone who is looking to build a collection of high quality lingerie or as a bridal shower gift for one of your best friends.

Have you ever tried any lingerie subscription services?

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