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Review | Haute Hips Panty Subscription

haute hipsI‘ve always been under the impression that subscription boxes just aren’t my thing. My beauty routine is pretty minimalist, so the thought of getting a bunch of new products every month actually makes me feel overwhelmed, not excited. I’d rather just pick up what I need, when I need it. Even though there are some really awesome ones, this is how I feel about most subscription services. However, a lingerie subscription? Now that’s something I can get excited about! Despite having a lingerie drawer that’s bursting at the seams, I can never have enough pretty underthings.

Enter Haute Hips, a panty subscription service that provides you with two pairs of pretty, comfortable, chic panties for an affordable monthly fee. When Haute Hips asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing their service, I couldn’t resist.


I should start off by mentioning how adorable the Haute Hips website is. I’ve looked at several lingerie subscription services and theirs is by far one of the most fun and approachable sites I’ve come across. I love the photography (um, lounging in bed with glasses on = love), the graphics & their adorably titled blog, The Panty Line.

Here’s how the service works: Choose a membership option (monthly, 6 months or 12 months) and Haute Hips will personally select two pairs of gorgeous, luxurious, comfy panties to be sent directly to your mailbox. One month + 6 month memberships cost $12 + $2 shipping and handling. A year long membership works out to be about $11 a month + shipping and handling. Considering other panty subscription services charge $20/month for just one pair of panties, Haute Hips is very affordable.


Haute Hips also offers “Panty Perks.” Love your Haute Hips panties so much you want more? Each month there’s a new featured panty that you can add to your order for $6. See those gorgeous black and white panties below? They were May’s featured panty. Yep, I am smitten!

What to expect in your monthly order: cute, luxurious, pretty panties that are also comfortable. You won’t find any crazy contraptions like these crazy panties, however you will find lots of chic styles like the ones below.



11164834_682405568549228_57195982760314277_nWhen you subscribe to Haute Hips you’ll also help give back. Haute Hips donates a portion of every sale to local women’s shelters in the US; providing intimates so all women can feel their very best. This summer they will be supporting Dignity U Wear, an organization that provides children and their families with brand new clothing (I just read through their website and they do some really great work; like providing clothing to underprivileged children, veterans and women in crisis.)


Curious to see what goodies I received from Haute Hips? It’s time for the big reveal!


Haute Hips sent me a pair of gorgeous floral patterned, lace trim panties and a turquoise lace thong. Both pairs are super soft to the touch (no scratchy lingerie here!), really nice quality and comfortable to boot. I also love how they just happened to send me two pairs in very Skinny Dip-esque colours. Hot pink and bright turquoise are two of my personal faves and they match two of my summer nail polishes perfectly.

IMG_0249Everything came wrapped up in a cute pink drawstring bag with a personalized note card attached.


Overall, I was really impressed with the Haute Hips service. The quality was really nice – especially considering the reasonable price point. I love my panties so much I’m actually considering signing up for a 6 month membership. I guess I may be a subscription girl after all!


Thank you to Haute Hips for this review! I received the products free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll. 

Have you ever tried a subscription service? Which one(s) do you like?


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