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Review & Giveaway | Three Months of Pleasure From Lucky Bloke

For those of you who weren’t already aware of this, for the past six months I’ve had the pleasure of being the social media manager over at condom company extraordinaire, Lucky Bloke. You may remember Lucky Bloke from that time I made Skinny Dip Condoms – they were the lovely people who supplied those yummy smelling strawberry condoms that helped make this dream a reality. A few months later, I met Lucky Bloke’s CEO Melissa at Bloggers in Sin City 2012. We instantly hit it off and have been working together ever since.


People always ask me (cough. cough. my Mom. cough. cough.) what it’s like working for a company that sells condoms. To be honest, it’s great. Lucky Bloke is all about pleasure, safety and giving back to social causes. They’re on a mission to help people have amazing sex with condoms (yes, you read right!) through premium products, education and promoting healthy sexuality. They also give a portion of each sale to pressing social issues. It’s really nice to work with a company whose values are very much in line with mine.

Working with Lucky Bloke I’ve actually learned a lot about condoms, lube and safer sex. Here’s a few things that I think everyone should know about condoms & lube –

Condoms are not one-size-fits all. Condoms actually come in three distinctly different sizes – small, medium and large. Furthermore, not all condoms are created equal – and while we’re all taught to USE condoms, we’re never taught how to CHOOSE condoms. (As someone who has spent time in the condom aisle feeling bewildered at all the different choices, I know this to be true.)

A lot of people who hate using condoms are simply using the wrong size. To figure out you or your partner’s correct size, here is a fun & easy guide for condom sizing. It makes sense – would you buy a pair of shoes that were one-size-fits-all?! Of course not! Besides, as Cher from Clueless says about shoes, “Those only go on your feet!” The worst condom for one person, may be the best condom for someone else.

To help people find the condoms & lube they love, Lucky Bloke has created a line of sampler packs that feature some of the world’s best condoms and lubricants. If you’re not sure what size condom you need, they even have a Perfect Fit Sampler that comes with a variety of different sizes for you to try. Instead of buying a whole box of condoms that you may love or hate, the samplers allow you to try a bunch of different condoms or lube so you can find the perfect products for you.

Explore the thinnest condoms available from Japan; a tasty line of vegan and organic flavored condoms from Australia; condoms that vary from glow-in-the-dark to ribbed AND studded from North America; as well as the very best from Europe. Each condom and lube sampler is comprised of the top rated picks in its category and comes in an elegant clear plastic box.

(FYI, once you try the condoms that Lucky Bloke offers, you’ll never go back to most drugstore brands. The Glyde Strawberry Condom aka the “Skinny Dip Condom” has received very favourable reviews. Ahem.)

Because I am currently not in need of condoms, Melissa kindly sent me Lucky Bloke’s Ultimate Lube Sampler to test out. The Ultimate Lube sampler includes some of the sexiest lubes out there. From water-based, silicone based (and hybrids, of course!) to arousing, flavoured and stimulating — the lube sampler features a variety of premium, best selling formulas.

My sampler included 12 different premium lubes from brands like One, Sliquid, Uberlube, Good Clean Love, Wet, Please Cream and Pjur. I originally had 12 lube packets, but ended up using two (d’oh!) so, that’s why there are only 10 small lube packets in the photo. Luckily Melissa also sent me two jumbo samples of Good Clean Love that I have included in the photo as stand-ins for the missing lubes.

As someone who is really sensitive to products and additives, I love that none of these lubes irritated me and that many of them included  organic, natural ingredients. If I had to pick a favourite, I’d have to say the Good Clean Love “Almost Naked.” It’s a great lube for sensitive people like myself and has a very delicate vanilla and orange blossom scent. Other faves include anything from Sliquid and the Please Cream – a light, creamy lubricant that feels fantastic.

It was fun having so many different lube options to try and was surprised by how many I really enjoyed.  I also love that everything is in small, single use packages that are perfect for throwing in your purse or sleepover kit along with condoms (without having to worry about bringing a large bottle with you that could potentially leak all over.)

I’m totally in love with Lucky Bloke and I want you to be too. That’s why I’d like to give one reader the chance to try three different samplers – one per month, for the next three months. The winner can mix things up (i.e. two condom samplers and one lube.)  Not currently using condoms?!  If you use toys or have sex at all, I strongly recommend the lube samplers! Seriously, lube makes everything better.

If you’re ready to take your sex life up a notch over the next three months, you just need to leave a comment on this post letting me know that you’d like to win. Bonus points can be earned by following the prompts below –
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest runs until Thursday November 7th when I’ll pick a winner at random.

Good Luck!

Yours in pleasure & safety,


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