Making Sex Make Sense

A few months ago, a good friend of mine & I were at a bar having a drink. As usual, our conversation eventually wandered over to the topic of Sex: “It took me a while to really understand Sex. I was having sex but I didn’t really GET sex. I…

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29 Things you Should Know About Me

By now you already know quite a bit about my dating experiences, past relationships and sexual (mis)adventures. But what about the rest of my life? Maybe there are some things you are wondering about. For example, what kinds of things am I into (besides lingerie, martinis and sex in unusual…

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Has my love for the Muppets caused me to me to make Bad Dating Choices?

Another thing that you probably don’t know about me is that I am a big Muppets fan. Like, freakishly big. Since I was a kid I’ve probably seen “Muppets Take Manhattan” at least 55 times (did I mention I know all the songs by heart?). I still have my felt…

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Sunday Morning Surprises

This morning I woke up to an email from an EX. Like, THE EX. The one I wrote about here and here. When I saw his message my stomach did that weird sick feeling flip flop thing. We haven’t spoken since we said goodbye. He’s the kind of ex boyfriend…

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I know I’m probably too old to still be writing to you but I noticed some of the other big kids in blog-land have posted letters so I thought I would too (plus its a good excuse to make one of these fun collages!). Between writing exams, Christmas…

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