Thieves Like Us

On Friday night I found myself at Lee’s Palace, celebrating Halloween with a few friends.  The last time I set foot in Lee’s Palace was six years ago. It was the night after THE incident involving Mr. I.S.I.T.I.B.. I was there with my friend Nick.  Nick and I met at U of…

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Simone and the City

It’s raining outside and I’m still sick with a cold/flu (hence the lack of posts this past week) so in order to get back on track I thought I share with you a story from a sunny afternoon this past summer. Like I mentioned before, while I was unemployed this…

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Death by Cotton Candy

We live on the second floor of an old Victorian brick house that is divided into suites. Our house is located on a tree lined street, in a mostly Italian/Portuguese neighborhood close to downtown. We moved here last December and I can honestly say this is my favorite place I’ve lived…

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