Me Against Me

I really needed to read this quote this morning. (Thanks Tupac you always make me feel better) Yesterday I had this really low moment where I said to myself: “I feel like a failure” I know its kind of harsh, but that was exactly how I felt at that moment.  (of…

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Skinny Dipping

My best friend asked me a really good question the other day: “Is it weird revealing so much personal stuff online in your blog?” Yes & No.  Sometimes after I publish a post I’ll have a moment of panic where I’ll think “Oh my god, I just wrote THAT online”.…

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10 Confessions about Myself

I’m very excited to announce that the lovely SandyB has bestowed upon me my very first blog award! (“The Honest Scrap Award”) I’ve seen these on other people’s blogs but have never been a recipient– until now. Thanks SandyB, you’re awesome.  Once you’ve received the Award, you need to complete the following responsibilities:…

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Searching for my Tribe

Here is my conundrum: When I started this blog in August, I set out to connect with readers and find other people doing the same thing as me. I read ALOT of blogs, (what’s featured on the blogroll is only a small fraction of my overly bloated Google Reader) but for…

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Thieves Like Us

On Friday night I found myself at Lee’s Palace, celebrating Halloween with a few friends.  The last time I set foot in Lee’s Palace was six years ago. It was the night after THE incident involving Mr. I.S.I.T.I.B.. I was there with my friend Nick.  Nick and I met at U of…

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