Out of Breath

I think its part of human nature to want what we can’t have.  There have definitely been times in the past where I have fallen for guys who were clearly unavailable. One or two instances in particular really stand out for me.  The relationships would always start with us being…

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Let’s Be Friends Again

I got the inspiration for this entry while sitting in a cafe with my Dad this morning, listening to the Jimi Hendrix record they were playing. One of the rockiest relationships I’ve had in my life has been with the color purple. (And I mean the actual color, not the Alice…

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Blind Date

I’m not really sure why I agreed to go out with “H” in the first place.  H and I worked in the same building. When I met him I was just starting to get over “Dave the Rollerblader” (an over-tanned Juice Pig who broke my heart—which all seems laughable now…

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Me Against Me

I really needed to read this quote this morning. (Thanks Tupac you always make me feel better) Yesterday I had this really low moment where I said to myself: “I feel like a failure” I know its kind of harsh, but that was exactly how I felt at that moment.  (of…

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Skinny Dipping

My best friend asked me a really good question the other day: “Is it weird revealing so much personal stuff online in your blog?” Yes & No.  Sometimes after I publish a post I’ll have a moment of panic where I’ll think “Oh my god, I just wrote THAT online”.…

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