Ladies Club Meet-up

Last night I joined a Ladies Club! I guess this is kind of a big deal for me because I’ve never been much of a “joiner” of anything really. While growing up I always did lots of activities (ballet, swimming, choir, cello lessons, public speaking, pottery & art classes) and…

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Questions and Answers

Its a rainy night here in Toronto and I’m experiencing a bit of writers block. Its not that I don’t have things that I want to write about but, rather I feel like I have too much to say and I’m not really sure where to start. Luckily, my friend…

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Men in Tights: Toronto Fashion Week Continued

Since I only wrote about one of the shows I went to for Toronto Fashion Week, I really wanted to write a full run-down of everything I saw. So, I sat down at my laptop this morning, wrote a full entry, (complete with photos that I took at the shows)…

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A Day for Me

I am taking a day to recuperate. It’s my first day off after working 6 shifts in a row. My feet are super sore, my knees are bruised (I walked into two display tables on Saturday. Did I mention I’m kind of a klutz?) and my email inbox is full of…

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Out of Breath

I think its part of human nature to want what we can’t have.  There have definitely been times in the past where I have fallen for guys who were clearly unavailable. One or two instances in particular really stand out for me.  The relationships would always start with us being…

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