Honest Conversations: Talking about Vaginal Dryness with Vagisil

  Real talk: your body starts to go through some interesting changes in your 30’s. I’ve gained weight, lost weight, dealt with adult acne, finally cured said acne—the list goes on. The latest phenomenon to add to my ever-growing list of body changes: hormonal night sweats. I wake up drenched…

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Go F*CK Yourself With The Nooky Box & Emojibator

  (The photo above, while gorgeous, isn’t mine. It’s artist Krystle Mae Jaramillo posed with her pair of Emojibators. Check out her art here.) When I announced my semi-retirement as a sex blogger, I made a sex toy bucket list of everything I still wanted to try and write about. One…

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On Money, Goals & Guilt

(Photo credit) It’s been a few months since I shared my plans for the New Year and wrote about some of my regrettable purchases from the prior twelve months, so I thought it was time to check in. I chose the word “Shift” as my theme for 2017 because I…

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15 Must Read Books By Female Authors

  A bunch of you have asked me for book recommendations recently, so I finally decided to put together an updated list of the most memorable things I’ve read recently. Two years ago, I made a pact with a friend to read more books written by POC, women and gender…

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Guys, We Need To Talk About Your Texts

  This post has been brewing for awhile. Today we’re going to talk about text messages. Gross, disturbing, overtly sexual, inappropriate, creepy and uncalled for sexts. But, before we get to that we need to talk about The Actor. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him, which now seems like a…

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