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One Very Happy Rabbit

This summer I’ve had some  pretty amazing sex toys land on my desk (no complaints here!) and the Happy Rabbit line by Lovehoney is no exception. Designed to help you “Get Happy the Natural Way” (ha!) Happy Rabbit is a line of powerful, luxury, rechargeable vibrators. Made of ultra-smooth silicone, these vibrators are meant to be ultra smooth and natural feeling. The Happy Rabbit comes in three different colours and shaft variations:

I’m thrilled that Lovehoney decided to send me my very own Happy Rabbit “Natural” vibrator to try out for you guys. Here are the “specs” on the Happy Rabbit Natural:

Right from the get-go, The Happy Rabbit Natural made an excellent first impression. It was shipped discretely and arrived in this classy and tasteful box. Inside it’s outer box, there was a luxe plain black box with the words “Get Happy!” printed on the front which contained the toy.

Although I’ve learned not to judge a toy by it’s cover, if we’re getting real here, packaging does make a difference to how you experience the product. Taking the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit out of it’s packaging for the first time felt like I was opening a luxurious present. Inside the box I found the toy, an instructions manual, a charger and a silky dust bag which can be used for storage. Alternatively, the box serves as a great storage case for your Happy Rabbit.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, “What exactly makes this Rabbit different?!” Well, the way I see it is this: The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Natural is like a pint of Hagan Daaz Vanilla Ice Cream (one of my favourite flavours) – there’s nothing ground-breaking-ly remarkable about it, but what it does do, it does very, very well. In other words, it stands alone in it’s classy simplicity.

Like the Body and Soul Lover which I reviewed earlier in the month, the Happy Rabbit Natural is a dual stimulation toy with three powerful motors: 2 located in the tip & base of the shaft and 1 in the rabbit ears which act as the clitoral stimulator. This means that you get a lot of power and all over stimulation with this toy – which, if you read my last sex toy review is a beautiful thing. However, unlike the Body and Soul Lover, the Happy Rabbit is a bit on the larger size – something I really enjoy! Similar to the Nick Hawk Dildo which I wrote about earlier in the summer, the Happy Rabbit is a nice length and stands tall & proud – exactly how I enjoy my penises! Errr, I mean bright pink objects that kind of look like fake penises.

Another thing that’s really awesome about the Happy Rabbit is that if you turn it on and hold it in your hand, you can feel that it not only vibrates, it also gently pulsates, creating a wave-like sensation. Combined with it’s long & lean shape, I had some pretty intense orgasms (read: plural) the first time I used this toy. The vibrations are nice & strong and at 9.5 inches (5.5 of which are actually insertable) the long, lean shape of the toy hits my g-spot nicely.

To give you an idea of the size, Joe the Intern kindly volunteered to stand next to The Happy Rabbit and the Body & Soul Lover. As you can see, the Happy Rabbit is quite a bit longer and thicker. Because of this, I would suggest using a few drops of water-based lube with it for optimal pleasure.


The Happy Rabbit Natural is the perfect toy for someone who already owns a rabbit vibrator like the True Love Honey Bunny and is looking for a luxurious upgrade. It would also be a good choice for a first-time toy user who wants a really high quality, elegant toy and is OK with a little bit of extra length. 

If there is a downside to this rabbit, it’s that it’s maybe a little too happy – meaning the first time I used it I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m currently living with my family and my “alone time” for self-play is often very limited. When I do get some for some self-lovin’ there’s always the chance that someone will come home unexpectedly. Being able to turn a toy off quickly is a must-have for me.

Now, flash-back to the other night. I was sitting on my bed, getting ready for my weekly brainstorming session with my colleague John so we could discuss ideas for our next Toronto Sun column. I had just finished charging the Happy Rabbit for the first time but hadn’t tried the toy yet. As I was waiting for John to call, I decided to turn on the toy just to see how it worked. The problem?! As soon as I turned on the toy, I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. Then, John called.

My Skype was “ringing” and I could. not. get. this. rabbit. to. stop. vibrating. I was frantically trying to get the thing turned off when John sent me a text saying, “I’m calling and you’re not picking up!” That’s when I started to panic.


Not wanting to miss John’s call, I picked up anyways while the vibrator was still vibrating & bopping around on my bed like a rabid animal on Methamphetamines. I think the first thing I said as soon as John’s face popped up on the screen was,

“Um, sorry. I have this vibrator here that won’t turn off. I just need to figure out how to make it stop. Oh, wait…. no, that’s not it.”

Eventually, I managed to turn it off.

Luckily, John has known me for a few months now and is used my antics, but what if he wasn’t? Can anyone say awkward?!

As it turns out, the toy is actually pretty simple to turn off – you just hold down both of the control buttons until it stops. However, in the heat of the moment I couldn’t figure it out the first time I used this toy or even the second time. The controls just didn’t seem that intuitive to me. Also, keep in mind that I also didn’t bother to read the user’s manual! Despite the “Oh hey, we’re on Skype and I have a vibrator vibrating away in the background” incident, I would still recommend this toy to a friend. Once you figure out the controls (or you know, READ THE USERS MANUAL BEFORE USING THE TOY), they’re very straightforward. In other words, do what I say not what I do. 😉

This post was brought to you by LoveHoney, the sexual happiness people. I received The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Natural  free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll.

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Have you ever had any embarrassing experiences with sex toys?!

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