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My Hoo-Ha Has Bad Taste in Music

I know right? I’m as shocked as you guys are.

Something I rarely talk about on the blog is music – even though it’s a huge part of who I am. I have a love affair with soul, R&B and Hip Hop. As a teenager, I read Vibe magazine religiously, spent hours holed up in my bedroom listening to the hip hop station from Seattle and spent most of my babysitting money on records. I daydreamed about one day moving to New York City to work at Vibe magazine (as their token white girl staffer) where I would spend my days interviewing the likes of LL Cool J & Mary J. Blige (in this fantasy I was also totally ghetto fab, rocked killer door knocker earrings and had a sweet nameplate necklace that said “Monie” in italic writing. A girl can dream right?) I have yet to work as a music journalist however, music is still a huge part of my private life. My heart moves to the sounds of Raphael Saadiq, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, The Roots and Prince (among others). There’s also a whole slew of electronic & indie acts that I adore like Little Dragon, Cut Copy & Passion Pit. I get so excited whenever I discover new music or have the chance to see my favorite artists play live. If I don’t answer when you call my name it’s probably because I’m listening to my iPod.

So, when Katrina at Ohhh Canada asked me if I wanted to try the OhMiBod Naughtibod Music Vibrator – a luxury sex toy that vibrates along with the beat of your iPod (!!!!!), I jumped at the chance. Orgasm to my favorite music? Um, yes please.

The OhMiBod Naughtibod is body-safe, phthalates free and made of ABS plastic with chrome details. It is a smaller sized vibe with a grooved shape and a silky, velvety texture similar to a silicone toy. The toy features a double ended attachment that allows you to plug in your iPod and earphones. When you begin to play music on your iPod, the toy starts to vibrate along to the beat! You can control the intensity of the vibrations by increasing the volume of the music. You can also use the OhMiBod Naughtibod as a regular vibrator without the iPod attachment.

Before trying this toy I asked myself “I wonder what kind of music my vagina will like?” I assumed my hoo-ha would love the same kinds of soulful sounds that I like. I imagined orgasms to the sounds of Sade or Raphael Saadiq’s Skyy Can you Feel Me (which, is one of my favorite songs) or at the very least some Billie Holiday or Prince. My hoo-ha seems like the classy kind of broad that would be into this stuff, right? WRONG.

As it turns out my vagina has the musical taste of a gumsmacking teenager, permenantly tuned in to the HITZ 92.9 FM TOP 40 HOUR. My vagina likes Pitbull. And Lady Gaga. And bad dance music from the 90’s. Actually, when it came to using this vibrator, I discovered that the stronger the beat & the more obnoxious the lyrics, the better.

Songs my Hoo-Ha likes:

1. Pitbull “Give me Everything” (This was a good song to start with. Strong beat & a good build up)

2. Lady Gaga “Monster” (HE ATE MY HEART HE AYYY AYYY ATE MY HEART are weird lyrics to get off to but my hoo-ha really, really liked this one. MA MA MA MONSTER!)

3. Lady Gaga “Alejandro” (YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU BOY. HOT LIKE MEXICO. ALLE ALLE HANDROOOOO. This is a good build up song for round #2)

4. Pitbull “Pause” ( Onbnoxious beat plus these lyrics: MAMI YOU LOOK SO RIGHT. NOW GOOOOOO. STOP. DROP. PAUSE. NOW LOOK AT THE GIRL SHE’S LIKE OHHH. NOW LOOK AT THAT GIRL SHE’S LIKE AHHH – I think this one is self-explanatory)

5. Venga Boys “Boom Boom Boom” (This embarassing… but what can I say? It works! BOOM BOOM BOOM I WANT YOU IN MY ROOM!)

(*Disclaimer: I’m not saying that liking Pitbull or Lady Gaga means you have bad taste in music. I obviously like them enough to own all of their albums. It’s just that neither would be my logical go-to choice for “sexy time music”. However, if you do like get down to some Gaga & Pit, I’m not judging. However, if you’re getting down on the regular to the Venga Boys, first of all – congrats on making that work – but seriously, let me make you a mix tape.)

The only thing you should be aware of with the OhMiBod Naughtibod is that I found the vibrations were more on the “moderate” to “gentle” side. In order to get the vibrations to the highest level, I really had to crank the music to the max which meant I was literally getting ear blasted by Pit and Gaga while I was getting my rocks off. I was using my iPhone so, it might be slightly different with a different device. The upside to the vibrations not being super intense is that I got to lie back, listen to the song & enjoy the build up to some nice orgasms.

Who I would recommend this to:

The sheer novelty factor of this toy is a lot of fun & I think it would make the perfect sassy stocking stuffer for someone looking to buy their first vibrator, the tech junkie who already has everything or couples looking to have a bit of fun while listening to their favorite tunes (because the vibrations are gentle, this would make a fun teasing toy during foreplay!)

Has anyone else tried this? What are you interested in seeing reviewed on Skinny Dip?

*The OhMiBod Naughtibod was provided to me free of charge by Ohhh Canada in exchange for my honest assessment of the product.

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