If you are slightly obsessed with the wonderful-horribleness of Jersey Shore like I am, there is nothing more satisfying than coming home from a long, hard day at work to find that Harper Collins has sent you an autographed copy of JWOWW’s book, “The Rules According to JWOWW”


I received this book via a giveaway on Valerie‘s lovely blog, I’m Charming You (Val is a sweetheart & you should check out her site). Thank you Valerie & Harper Collins! Considered me Charmed & Woww’ed.

The book promises to provide “shore tested secrets on landing a mint guy, staying fresh to death and kicking the competition to the curb“. I’m particularly interested in the entire chapter she has devoted to “Smushing”. I’m not sure I would take any kind of advice from JWOWW (except maybe tips on how to win a street fight while wearing 5-inch boots) but I am trying to keep an open mind. After all, she’s dressed like a school girl and holding a ruler. When adults dress like this it can only mean one thing: that an important learning experience is about to take place.

This weekend I’m going to curl up on my couch with my morning mug of homemade jungle juice coffee and read “The Rules” so, you don’t have to. Once I’ve had time to absorb the “literature” I will report back to you guys and maybe offer up a few “rules” of my own.



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