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Need a Last Minute V-Day Gift? Send a Pantygram

Happy Valentine’s Week! As much as I have a habit of writing snarky Valentine’s Day blog posts from year to year, I actually love Valentine’s Day in all it’s pink & red puffy heart glory. Yes, behind my semi-jaded sex blogger facade lies a hopeless romantic. However, my attempts at getting other people in the mood for Valentine’s Day sometimes fall flat – for example, last year when I made Fitness Guy a plate of heart shaped chocolate strawberries, which ended up looking more like lumpy, brown gobs. File this under, “When making stuff you find on Pinterest goes wrong.”

In general I think women are pretty good at hinting at their partners what they’d like for Valentine’s Day – whether that’s flowers, jewelry or just a quiet night in. However, guys aren’t as easy to read and are often completely neutral when it comes to the holiday. Hence, the reason some of us end up in awkward situations like what I described above. Although, I’d argue that if someone is legitimately into you, they will appreciate your questionable confectionary skills – even if the end result looks like turds on a stick. With that said, I’m sure there are many women out there wondering “what do you get a dude for Valentine’s day?”

Enter Send a Pantygram, a company designed with this dilemma in mind. Their answer? Red panties. Yes, you read correctly.  Send your partner underwear. Women’s underwear.

Send a Pantygram is a service that allows you to send your partner a pair of lacy, red panties. Your partner then receives the item in a discreet package with a note attached that directs them to a web page where they enter the verification code and gain access to a private, sometimes suggestive message from his loved one.

So, why panties? Debbie Augustine, founder of SendAPantygram.com, started her company because she was inspired by a pair of panties she mailed to a boyfriend 20 years ago. When Augustine ran into the guy years later, he was still raving about the experience, so she decided to turn her concept into a business.

Since Send a Pantygram has launched, Women have sent panties all over the world to boyfriends, fiancés and husbands stationed in Iraq, traveling on business to Bermuda, France, Greece, Germany, Japan, Puerto Rico, Romania, London, China, Korea and more. The cost of a Pantygram is $24.95 + shipping.

According to Neil Chethik, author of VoiceMale—What Husbands Really Think About Their Marriages, Their Wives, Sex, Housework and Commitment (Simon & Shuster), what men really want for Valentine’s Day isn’t  “another tie or gadget. They would like their partners to initiate romance. They like it when their wives actually think about sex, and even plan it.” I think this sentiment applies to both genders.

In other words, we all want to feel sexy and loved. The Pantygram is designed as  a symbol of the continuing physical attraction you have towards your partner. According to Send a Pantygram, feedback has been very positive and men absolutely love receiving them (however, I’m sure there are female same sex couples who might enjoy this service too.)

Although I’ve never sent my underwear to anyone, I’m a huge proponent of red lingerie and like the idea of a small sexy gesture that lets your partner know they’re desired. In other words, it makes your partner feel like Tom freaking Jones, legendary recipient of women’s panties… or whatever the sexy, modern rockstar equivalent is.

To get a male opinion I asked Joe the Intern to share his thoughts.

Thanks for your feedback Joe!

If you’d like to brighten someone’s week with a pair of lacy, racy red panties, Send a Pantygram is offering $5 off for all Skinny Dip readers if you use the code save5now at checkout. 

What do you guys think? Would you enjoy/use this service?

*This post was brought to you by my friends at Send a Pantygram. All opinions are mine because that’s how I roll. You can connect with Send a Pantygram on Twitter and Facebook

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